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Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree

Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree
Purchase Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree
  • Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree

  • $58 - $83

  • Tree Size:

    A symbol of perseverance and purity, the southern magnolia tree is one of our most popular gift trees—especially for memorial gifts. The magnolia tree boasts glossy, green leaves and ornate, cream colored flowers that will bring joy into any home. As a constant reminder of love and perseverance, the southern magnolia is a perfect sympathy gift for those who have lost a loved one.

    Care instructions and a personalized gift card are included with each gift tree.


    Arrival Starting:

    Upon purchasing this gift tree, a beautiful hand written pre-order notification card will be mailed to the recipient immediately. This announcement will notify them of the gift tree scheduled to start arriving by . The warm spring temperatures provide a wonderful planting environment that will allow this tree to thrive.

    Another hand written gift card with your personal message will accompany the gift tree during the designated spring shipment date.

    Add Gift Card Message
    A thoughtful gift card is included with each purchase. Write your personalized message below.
    (250 character limit)
    Add Personalized Engraved Tag  
    Same Day Engraving. This unique engraved tag provides a memorial keepsake with your gift tree or plant and helps identify the meaning behind your gift. Tag is 2" x 3.5" and comes affixed to a 17" stake. Please write your personal message in the space below. If you order prior to 1:00 pm it will accompany your gift tree order today!
    In Memory Engraved Tree Tag
    (50 character limit)
    Add Laser Engraved Olive Cross  

    The olive cross is hand carved from genuine olive wood in Bethlehem and provides a memorial keepsake with your gift tree or plant. This unique pocket cross fits comfortably into the palm of your hand to provide comfort during your time of prayer.

    Size: 2 ¼ x 4 inches.

    Engraved Olive Cross
    (30 character limit)
Please Note: As with all things natural, our blooming plants and trees have different seasons. Depending on the time of year and temperatures around our country the blooms may have already occurred or may be yet to come. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Cannot Ship to
Full Sun
Mature Height
40-80 ft
Creamy White Flowers, Blooms May through June
Deep green glossy foliage with dense fur back
Seed pods are important food source for migrating songbirds in the fall months

This Southern Magnolia Tree has magnificent white flowers, with a sweet fragrance, that bloom May-June. Its leaves are a rich glossy green, with velvet brown on the underside.

When grown to its maximum height, this tree can be 80 feet tall, and 40 feet in diameter. This tree loves sun, and can live 80 years or more.

Each gift tree is beautifully packaged in a 100% natural jute bag with an accompanying ribbon. When planted, this tree will serve as a memorial to honor that special someone.

Care Information

General Care

Watering: Water every 4-5 days depending on weather/environment. Sun:Plant your magnolia in full sun. It will also grow in partial shade as long as it gets at least four hours a day of direct, unfiltered sunlight. Pruning: Pruning should be done during the growing season, after blooming.

Planting Guidelines

Magnolias are moderately fast-growing trees. The southern magnolia grows in acidic, loamy, moist, sandy, well-drained and clay soils. Southern magnolia should be planted 2inches above surrounding soil. This will help the roots to grow downwards. If planted too deep roots will grow towards the surface, creating a tree that is less stable. It can take 4 years to develop an established root system. Water and apply 3-5 inches of mulch around base to prevent weeds. Mulch should be kept at least 1inch away from stem.

Winter Care

If not already planted into the ground, keep in a pot/container. The Magnolia can be kept indoors until ready to plant in early Spring. Keep in an area of full sun/partial shade, water as needed.

Potting & Container

Southern Magnolias can be grown in a container and transplanted into the ground in late winter/early spring. If keeping in a container, use a 3 gallon for the first 6-12 months.Increase container size as tree grows. Container-grown plants should be transplanted in spring or fall, mulched, fertilized at planting, and well-watered. Avoid fertilizing the tree during its slowest time of growth in fall and winter. Continued watering and mulching is required for successful establishment.

The shipping was very quick and the tree beautiful. My friend said it was wrapped well and a wonderful thoughtful gift.
Thank you Ashley for your recent purchase. We appreciate your business.
We hope that this tree is a sign of comfort for the recipient and may they continue to heal in their time of grief with your kind and thoughtful gift. We are committed to excellence and are please to know that we were able to meet your expectations.
We look forward to serving you in the future.
Kind Regards,
Ashley W11/10/2021
Verified Customer
A beautiful way to keep a memory alive
This is the second time I’ve ordered from Seeds of Life and they again delivered such a beautiful tree in memory of a good friend. Your tree are beautiful and it’s such a nice way to pay tribute to a loved one. I also had to call about the care of the tree abs they were so helpful and thorough. Thank you again SOL!!
Dear Rebecca-
We appreciate you. Thank you for allowing us to earn your loyalty in our business.
The owners of Seeds of Life, Julie and Matt Roth, built a strong foundation in the company. Knowing our trees are meant to memorialize a special person or occasion for generations to come, we take great pride in serving our clients with enduring, quality gift trees.
I am certain the recipients will continue to be grateful for the loving memorial that you have gifted them, and feel that you are walking next to them with support, encouragement.
Thank you again.
Kind Regards,
Rebecca Cole10/22/2021
Verified Customer
A lot better then flowers
I bought the large magnolia tree for my good friend and employee when she lost her Dad unexpectedly. It arrived in a timely manner and she absolutely loves it. They are going to plant it in the spring and have a small memorial at their home.
Dear Connie-
Thank you for your review. We appreciate your business.
Sending deepest thoughts, prayers and condolences to your friend during this very difficult time. Words will not wipe away her tears, time may ease the pain only a little bit. But may she hold tight to the memories of her dad as they will forever remain. May he rest in peace.
These trees that can live up to 80 years and will provide a living memorial long beyond are living years.
Connie Shiverdecker10/14/2021
Verified Customer
Perfect Living Memorial
After the tragic unexpected loss of my dear friend’s daughter, I wanted to provide something beautiful and positive for him to see and invoke her memory for years to come. Seeds of Life stood out in my research. They have a great selection of tree options and helped me identify the proper tree for the growing zone where my friend lives. The process was easy and delivery was fast and easy to track. The tag I ordered to stand next to the tree as it grows was a very meaningful addition to the memorial. My friend was touched and moved and I felt positive about the shopping experience from beginning to end. He sent me pictures of the tree after he planted it, and it looks healthy and beautiful. I would highly recommend Seeds of Life as an alternative to commemorate the passing of a loved one.
Hello Mark -
I would like to thank you for your recent purchase. We appreciate your business, and I am so sorry to hear the reason of this sad occasion.
I would like to send the most sincere and deepest condolences to your dear friend and the loss of his daughter. Losing a child is absolutely the most horrible heartbreak that any parent could possibly feel. It is never supposed to be that a parent would outlive their child. I know personally that the pain is never gone. I know that my words cannot take away the pain but I hope you are surrounded by love and the comfort, and may learn to have joy again one day.
May the warm, beautiful memories of his daughter wash over him with every breeze that blows. "Your little girl will forever be in your heart. Her memory everlasting in those who knew her stay strong like roots to the tree."
Mark Tippery10/13/2021
Verified Customer
Perfect Gift - To Always Remember Your Loved One
I ordered the medium Magnolia Memorial Tree. My cousin's son was in a motorcycle accident and didn't survive. When they received the tree, my cousin messaged me and thanked me for the gift and he said he had just planted it. I had never used Seeds of Life, but I have been very impressed with the ease of ordering the tree, you answered any questions I had and how soon the tree was delivered. Thank you!
Dear Debbie-
I want to first say, that I am truly so sorry for the recent loss your cousin has experienced. Personally, my heart aches for your cousin and grieving over his son. As humans we never want to believe that we will outlive our children, that is "not how it is supposed to be.." He raised his son through the bumps, bruises, and joys of childhood, and having to feel like you are at a complete loss with goodbye. Sending the most sincere and deepest condolences.
To your cousin I say: "It may seem impossible, but eventually, you’ll get your bearings and be able to get back to your regular activities. But for each person, “eventually” means something different. So be patient with yourself." The same patience that this tree will need as it continues to grow reaching its maximum height up to 80 feet tall, and 40 feet in diameter. This tree can live 80 years or more, providing the best memorial far beyond our lives.
We are very honored to be a part of your special gift .
Thank you for your business,
Debbie Williard10/12/2021
Verified Customer
Perfect Sympathy Gift
I bought the Large Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree for my neighbor following the passing of his dad. He loved the tree and especially the Personalized Engraved Tag that I included. He said it was the perfect gift and reading the tag brought tears to his eyes. When I saw the tree, it was beautiful and much larger than I had expected. Thank you Seeds of Life for creating the perfect sympathy gifts. I will definitely order from you again.
Dear Linda-
Thank you for your business and your kind words in the review.
We send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to your neighbor. Losing the man that made him the man he has become, his father, is absolutely heartbreaking. May he look at this tree and be reminded of his strong roots, his dad helped create. May he look at the branches and remember how his father taught him to branch out and be adventurous.
We are very honored that we can be a part of your special memorial gift.
Thank you for choosing Seeds of Life and we look forward to serving you again.
Kind Regards,
Verified Customer
I will certainly order from here again. The tree arrived beautiful and fast!
Hello Jackie-
Thank you for your business.
We are so very honored that our commitment to excellence has shown through in your recent purchase. We always strive to please our customers and I am thankful we could meet your expectations.
We absolutely look forward to serving you again soon.
Kindest Regards
Jackie S.10/08/2021
Verified Customer
Wonderful gift
We ordered the Magnolia tree for the loss of a friend's mother. They were very touched by the gift that will grow as a reminder of her in their yard. We were also very pleased that the tree arrived in a speedy manner. Thank you for this service. Its just what we hoped for.
Dear Valued Customer-
Thank you for your recent review and your business. We appreciate you .
"Losing a mother is like losing the only person who always understood you, even the things you never said out aloud... Life will never be the same again, but this tree will teach your friend to stand strong even during the toughest storms."
We send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to your friend.
Thank you again for your business. We are so very pleased to know that we could meet your expectations.
Kind Regards,
Verified Customer
Giver Review
I have been sending these and they are always well received. My friends have told me that this is the best condolence they received and they love that it will continue to make them smile when thinking of their loved one. My frustration lies in the note we get to write to them. Look how long that I can write this review. We, as givers, need a little more space to write our note. If we do this as a group gift I have to use initials and can barely write a proper condolence. Please adjust the amount of space, that is the only reason I can't give a 5 star. Thank you.
Dear Connie -
Thank you for your business, we appreciate your feedback.
We are very honored that we are a top choice for your thoughtful gifts to spread kindness, comfort and a small amount of joy.
With your feedback we will definitely go to our website developer and request to see if extending that character limit on the gift card message can be done, with our newly revamped website. In the meantime, just for your reference you can always reply to the automatic message of "your order confirmation" and your personal customer service representative will gladly change the message to anything you would like.
We surely look forward to serving you again in the future.
Kindest regards,
Connie Chilcote10/06/2021
Verified Customer
Great Memorial Gift
Great memorial gift. Ordered the magnolia tree for a friend after the sudden death of their son. It was the perfect gift.
Dear Carrie -
We appreciate you, thank you for taking the time to complete a review.
The despair and overwhelming sadness that accompanies the loss of a child is indescribable. It can't be imagined, explained, or understood... It just hurts. We send our deepest and most sincere condolences thoughts and prayers.
With it having the ability to grow 80 feet tall, we hope that this Southern Magnolia continues to thrive and the memories will also grow and provide strength and comfort.
Kind Regards,
Verified Customer
Unique gift!
We wanted a unique gift for the untimely death of a friends son and this was it! The magnolia tree arrived timely and was beautiful. Hopefully they will have many years of memories from the tree.
Dear Diana-
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate your business.
We are sending are deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to your friend and their family. Losing a child is such an unbearable pain. The love that a parent holds in their heart will never compare to any other. We are honored that we could provide a small glimpse of hope and a reminder that no matter the feeling of emptiness, you are truly never alone. May the beautiful blossoms of this magnolia tree fill the air with the aroma of sweet memories and gentle hugs.
Warmest regards,
Verified Customer
Nice memorial option
We needed something different for a special situation for a funeral. The tree serves as a long term memorial and the smaller size was perfect and arrived healthy. Graving was beautifully done and a nice touch.
Hello Jilly-
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate your business.
We are so very honored that we can be part of the special memorial. We believe that the living memorial is such a beautiful way to carry on the memory for years to come. To provide hope, strength, encouragement, and even some shade in the future. What a great way to sit and visit with the ones we miss so very dearly.
We send our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers. May the family and friends feel comforted and peace in such a time of grief.
Verified Customer
Southern Magnolia Tree
Have ordered from this company several times and have never been disappointed.
Dear April -
Thank you for your loyal business. We look forward to continuing to serve you . We are very honored to be one of your top choices in your thoughtful gifts, as you spread a little of your kindness to others.
Truly grateful,
Verified Customer
Superior Customer Service
Not only was the gift itself beautiful and a perfect, personal way to memorialize a late stage miscarriage for the mother and the baby's siblings, but the customer service interventions were outstanding. When there was an issue with delivery (not the fault of seeds of life) their representatives were responsive, helpful, sympathetic- everything one could wish for in a company. I will be ordering from this company whenever I have the occasion too, I'm very impressed all around.
Dear Sam -
Thank you for your kind words during the review. We appreciate you and your business.
The love between a parent and child is the strongest love that is imaginable. The loss of a pregnancy during any stage is devastating. I am so sorry for this loss they are feeling.
I send my deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers. Do not let your heart be empty, but instead filled with the prayers of healing upon the loss of your pregnancy. I hope that she and the family are able to plant this tree together and feel the embrace, comfort and peace over the years of watching it grow, just as their baby should have.
Kindest Regards,
Verified Customer
Magnolia tree
We ordered a tree from three different companies just to make sure we'd have it in time and the one from seeds of life is far superior and quality to the other two that we got. Thanks for a nice job
Dear David -
Thank you for completing a review. We really appreciate your business.
You made such a great choice with lemon tree. It is of course hardy, versatile, and easy to grow. It can be kept in a container indoors in winter months, then outside in spring and summer, maybe even on a patio.
We are very pleased that we were able to meet your expectations. We hope this experience will now have you as a loyal customer. We definitely look forward to serving you again.
Kindest Regards,
David Bowman09/15/2021
Verified Customer
Magnolia tree
We sent this to one of our friends when her mom passed away. She was very impressed with the beautiful tree& couldn’t stop thanking us. Would definitely recommend.
Hello Melissa-
Thank you for your business, we appreciate you taking the time to complete a review.
Sending our thoughts and prayers to your friend during this very difficult time. I hope she may feel comfort and peace with your thoughtful gift. We hope she can enjoy a great memory and glass of lemonade with her mom .
We are very honored to be a part of your kindness.
Melissa Adams08/23/2021
Verified Customer
Lifelong gift!
Our close family friend lost her father who lived half a world away. Additionally, she and her family had just moved from their home of the last 15 years. It was obviously an extremely emotional time. As we chatted about losing her father she mentioned that she and her father planned to sit and chat under a tree when they are reunited in heaven. I immediately knew we needed to send a tree to remind her of that sentiment, to look out at it every day and feel all of our love from afar. The tree was beautifully packaged, delivered without issue. Our friend said that it was the perfect memorial gift and that she could generally feel our love - just as we had hoped! Customer service has been amazing. I noticed a typo on the note being sent with the gift. I sent an email hoping to get it corrected. I received an email the next day saying they’d take care of it…and sure enough, they did! Highly recommend this family owned business with stellar service. Thank you!
Dear Lisa-
Thank you for your business. We appreciate you.
We are so very honored to be a part of this special memorial. Sending a tree is a meaningful way to tell another that you are walking next to them with encouragement and love. Our products are grown and gifted with love. Symbolic of hope, endurance and remembrance.
May she feel peace and comfort with each branch that grows, stay strong like its roots and enjoy the memories that will always blossom in sync with the beautiful tree.
All the best,
Lisa Rivier08/14/2021
Verified Customer
Southern Magnolia Tree
The Southern Magnolia Trees arrived packaged with care and healty looking. My neice and nephew were extremely grateful for the expression of symapthy and to have a memorial of their father. It gave them a focus as they choose a special spot to plant the tree and look forward to watching it grow, feeling his pressence with them,
Hello Linda -
Thank you so much for the nice review of the Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree you sent your family. I'm glad to hear it arrived safely and we hope it will continue to bring comfort and peace during their healing process.
Thank you so much!
Linda M Lawrence07/25/2021
Verified Customer
Beautiful memorial tree
My wonderful 97 year old uncle passed away recently. He had been cared for by my cousin for a few years as he was suffering from a few age related illnesses. Needless to say she loved her father very much and would do anything for him. She is a kind, compassionate person to all. As a token of our respect and love for her and my uncle, my sisters and I purchased a memorial tree in his honor. It was a beautiful southern magnolia tree. We also purchased a silver plate which was engraved with the words we chose for it. I had also filled out the free card that the company offers online. I unfortunately forgot to sign the card from my sisters and I. After placing the order, I called them to inform them that I had forgot to sign the card. It wasn’t a big deal and they corrected it over the phone. I love this company, their products, their prices and their customer service. I will be ordering more products from them soon!!!
Hello Joe-
Thank you so much for the nice review you posted of the Sunshine Citrus Lemon Tree you recently bought in memory of your uncle! I'm glad to hear that it brought the family some comfort. We really appreciate you!
We send our deepest thoughts and prayers for comfort during this time of loss.
Thank you so much!
Joe Goffio07/23/2021
Verified Customer
In Memory of a loved one.
Item was received on time, great condition & well received by recipient. Quality product. Quality service. I am very pleased with my choice!
Thank you Beverly for completing a review.
We are so very thankful that our efforts to meet your expectations, may have in fact been exceeded. You, as our customer is our #1 priority. We look forward to serving you again in the future.
Kind Regards,
Verified Customer
Family loved the tree!
I’m in Ca. And my family all live in Ohio so we have missed several funerals. I’ve sent Seeds Of Life trees to a few friends out here so I know the quality is great and they have loved them. We had a family member pass recently in Ohio so I sent the magnolia tree. They loved it so much! I love sending something that they can look at and be reminded of their loved one . It’s also a reminder that family out of state is thinking of them at this sad time in their lives. I highly recommend Seeds of Life!
April Wallace07/17/2021
Verified Customer
Perfect gift for a grieving family
Very quick delivery and a beautiful magnolia tree. Families receive so many flowers during bereavement and we wanted to give something more meaningful that wouldn’t die or be given away. The LOVED it and it was delivered so quickly. Thank you
Hello Jennifer-
You are welcome, it is our pleasure. Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate you and your business.
Our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family during their time of bereavement.
We hope to continue to be a top choice in the future with any other thoughtful gifts you may choose.
Kind Regards,
Jennifer S.07/10/2021
Verified Customer
beautiful tribute
This is my 3rd or 4th purchase of a 'seeds of life' tree. The recipients are truly grateful of such a beautiful and unique tribute of their loved-one. I have been very pleased with the purchase process and highly recommend.
Good afternoon Sandy,
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review.
Thank you for your repeated business, we truly appreciate it.
Our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to your friends and family. We are honored to be a part of these memorials for loved ones.
May every year they continue to grow, bring them peace and comfort.
Sandy Routly07/02/2021
Verified Customer
Wonderful memorial gift
Our close friends group started sending trees with memorial plaques for family losses a few years ago. It’s a perfect way to honor and remember our loved ones.
Hello Liz,
Thank you for your repeat business and taking the time to complete a review.
We send our deepest thoughts and condolences for the loss of your loved ones. We are honored to be a part of the healing process and hope that the families will find peace and strength through the most difficult times .
Verified Customer
In memory of
I ordered this tree for a good friend and her husband, after the loss of their child. I thought a tree would be a great way to honor them. They loved it and even dug up another tree to make room for this one.
Hello Jacob-
Thank you taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate your business.
No amount of words can express the pain that your friends are going through. We are sending love and prayers and hope they are able to find strength during this dark time. We are extremely honored to be a special part of their healing and the memories .
Jacob Crowley06/21/2021
Verified Customer
Sent as a memorial to our friends. They loved it. Said it was most thoughtful and beautiful.
Hello Debra-
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate your business.
We are pleased to know that we can help provide an everlasting memorial that represents growth and strength through their loss.
Debra Offerman06/19/2021
Verified Customer
Magnolia tree
Arrived in perfect condition. Beautiful tree and excellent pricing
Hello Laura-
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review and your kind words.
I appreciate you and your business.
Verified Customer
Southern Magnolia
Perfect sympathy gift
Hello Lori -
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate your business.
"Some of the symbols of the magnolia tree include, perseverance, beauty, purity, endurance, love of nature, health, joy, and others. What this tree represents in the life of people cannot be overemphasized and they are believed to have great meaning to those who have them around them."
We hope this gift is an everlasting memory.
Kind Regards
Lori Perez Wallace06/15/2021
Verified Customer
in memory
Tree arrived in great shape, I did pay extra for 3 day delivery. Love one was touched. Great idea.
Hello Lori-
Thank you for taking the time to write a review.
We are honored to have been the choice for your loved one's memorial. We send our thoughts and condolences, and pray for peace.
Thank you for your business..
Lori Goobeck06/04/2021
Verified Customer
Always great product and service!
I have send this tree to multiple friends who have experienced great loss. They are always so happy to get the beautiful trees you send. You offer a wonderful service to those of us who want to do something nice for a friend. Thank you!
Hello Lauren -
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We truly appreciate your business.
We are so very honored and delighted that we have earned your repeated business, and those recipients have enjoyed as well. You will be happy to know we are currently working on a loyalty program and we look forward to extending that to you in the near future.
All the best,
Verified Customer
Perfect Memorial gift
Family friend mother passed. Didn’t want to send the typical flowers that don’t last long. When she received the magnolia tree, she said it brought the first smile to her since her mother’s passing. Love this idea and company. Will purchase from them again.
Hi Leslie-
Thank you for taking the time to complete such a positive review.
We are delighted that we can assist in your sincere efforts to send peace and comfort to your friend during her healing. We are sending our deepest thoughts, prayers and condolences to her during this very difficult time.
We look forward to serving you in the future.
Verified Customer
Excellent and thoughtful
We purchased this for a dear friend when her mother passed away. I didn't want to send flowers as they look pretty just for a bit and then you toss them so I wanted to send her something that will last and that she could look at and remember her mother with happiness.
Hello Veronica-
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review.
We of course send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to your dear friend. We are honored to provide an everlasting thoughtful memory of her mother, and hope in time, this tree will help provide peace.
Thank you for your business.
Veronica M05/28/2021
Verified Customer
Poor customer service
The tree and the olive cross are beautiful, however the customer service leaves something to be desired. I sent this tree to someone who had lost a parent, and was not notified by the company that the olive cross that I ordered and paid for was not sent with the tree. I had the person I ordered this gift for searching the packaging as my shipped notification explicitly stated that the cross was included. It wasn’t until I called that I was told that they were out of olive crosses and that it would ship later. It took yet another phone call to obtain the tracking information for the cross. It arrived almost two weeks after the tree did. I ordered them as a set, to be delivered together and was very disappointed to hear that this did not happen. I was also disappointed in the customer service from start to finish and likely will not be a returning customer. My complaints were met with many excuses and I felt as though I was being given an attitude when I voiced my frustrations.
Good Afternoon Jenifer-
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. Your feedback is important to us.
My deepest thoughts, prayers and condolences for the recipient and their family. The loss of anyone is difficult, let alone your mother, I know that is truly heartbreaking. I am so sorry we fell short of your expectations and the level of customer service that we expect from our employees and you deserve. I know that you wanted this special memorial to be presented and arrive with the same deep felt thought and concern as you had intended when you ordered it as a set.
When we became out of stock of the Olive Cross, we should have in fact notified you and made you aware; you are very correct. Your feedback has made us look at changing the process and policies, for cases as such. In addition, we have taken this opportunity to further train, coach, and counsel our customer service individuals.
You, the customer are the most important reason and purpose of our business, and again I apologize that you did not feel treated this way. If you would ever consider giving us another try, please contact me directly and I can ensure you , I will do everything within my control to "re-earn" your trust and business as a valued customer.
Verified Customer
Simply Kathryn
Beautiful tree for my friend who recently lost her mom.
Hello Marta-
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review.
We are so honored to be a part of your friends healing process during the loss of her mother. Sending thoughts and deepest condolences to your friend and her family. May she feel peace in the years to come with the growth of our Magnolia tree and the beautiful memorial.
We appreciate you and your business.
Kindest Regards,
MARTA STEIN05/27/2021
Verified Customer
Memory Gift
The magnolia tree arrived in great shape and in a timely manner. They sent a picture when they planted it in their yard. They were very touched by this idea & gesture.
Diana Nelson05/07/2021
Verified Customer
So happy to find this for my friend’s mother who passed away it comforted all of us and arrived in great shape
Rachel Sullins05/06/2021
Verified Customer
The perfect gift
The magnolia tree was gorgeous and delivered in a timely fashion.
Verified Customer
Perfect bereavement gift for friends
This was the perfect gift for our dear friend when her beloved grandmother passed away. She was so touched with the idea and the engraving, thank you for making such a wonderful item available and able to be delivered!! She sent photos and it was absolutely beautiful.
Emily Steiner04/12/2021
Verified Customer
Memorial tree for Aunt Molly
Due to Covid restrictions I could not attend my aunt's memorial, but Seeds of Life did allow me to send a Magnolia tree in time for her service. It is a beautiful tree, and her brother was pleased. This farm delivers a great product and personalized customer service.
Verified Customer
In Memory Southern Magnolia Tree
I sent the In Memory Southern Magnolia Tree (lg) to a dear friend who lost her sister to Covid. It was my first time using the Seeds of Life website and ordering on line was convenient and easy. My friend received the tree in 5 days and I was sent regular tracking updates which I appreciated. I have not seen my gift but my friend indicated the it arrived beautifully packaged and in good condition. She said it was one of the nicest gifts she received. However I was disappointed to hear that it arrived without any blossoms/flowers. For that reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5. I realize that it was probably due to mid March delivery but was hoping for it to look more like the photo on website. However, I would definitively use Seeds of Life again.
Dianne McInerney03/30/2021
Verified Customer
Wonderfully received gift
Thank you - this was sent instead of a flower arrangement for a funeral and the family were very happy with it and the plaque as a memorial to their loved one.
Verified Customer
Perfect Sympathy Gift
We received a Seeds of Life Magnolia Tree from a co-worker when my Mother-in-Love passed from COVID. I have sent three since then. Perfect lasting gift to share with family left behind! I now send them from our company when we would have sent flowers that die in a few days!! So blessed to have been introduced to this wonderful company!!
Cathie Warner03/26/2021
Verified Customer
I have sent magnolia trees about 4-5 times now in lieu of flowers for a sympathy & memorial gift. I always get the same reaction that it was the most thoughtful gift they had ever received during their time of a loss. I think the concept that it's a living tree that they can share with their family and love ones; from planting it to simply take time to visit it while it grows as well as a place to reflect on their loved one's life without having to leave their property. It's a thoughtful memorial gesture and always very touching to the ones receiving it. I love sending them.
Large Magnolia
Great fast service , I couldn’t get home to a funeral, but wanted to send a memorial, ran across Seeds of Life, was very Easy to navigate and order. It was received in like 5 days, perfect timing, my family was very pleased, they sent me pics, it was perfect. Wrapped nicely, arrived in great shape, I will use Seeds of Life again. Thank you for making this so easy and offering such great memorials.
Susie Key03/23/2021
Verified Customer
Beautiful goft
I ordered a magnolia tree for a friend that lost his Dad. The tree arrived very fast and efficient! My friend was so appreciative. Thank you for adding verbiage at the last minute too. I will use this company again! Hopefully for a joyful occasion next time!
Verified Customer
The most thoughtful gift ever.
This is the 2nd time I have ordered a tree with an engraved sign and both recipients were so moved by such a thoughtful gift in memory of their loved one. They both said it was the best guft they have ever received. The tree was delivered very fast.
E Price03/15/2021
Verified Customer
Wonderful Memorial Gift
I have ordered from Seeds of Life many times, and those who receive them are always so impressed and grateful for the sentiment -- however, this time around I received a picture from the recipient and thought the tree looked rather sparse - nothing like the picture on the website. I expected a more robust magnolia tree.
I am sorry that the tree was not as expected. Our Magnolia Trees will have their new Spring flush within the next month. We will be happy to send you another tree in April. Please send me your address, and I will get you into the system to receive another one in April. Again, I am sorry that you were not happy with the tree.
A R03/13/2021
Verified Customer
Beautiful memorials
I've used Seeds of Life many times. The trees are always beautiful and delivered as expected. I highly recommend Seeds of Life for living memories of the loved ones you have lost.
Verified Customer
Go to sympathy gift
I have sent this tree on at least 3 different times. This time I sent it to a grieving family who lost their tiny son, nephew, grandson, great grandson so to me it gives them a place to hang and cherish the short amount of time they had with him and smile.
Verified Customer
Best gift of condolences
We sent this to the mother whose eighteen-year-old daughter and only child passed away. I do not have the words to take away her sadness, but she assured me the Southern Magnolia will bring her joy.
Verified Customer
Magnolia Tree
I purchased the white magnolia tree for my sister in law for a sympathy gift. The tree came well packed and the pictures of the tree were awesome, so healthy and beautiful! Thank you!
Robin Aptt03/07/2021
Verified Customer
Magnolia for Bill's Memory
A friend lost her husband recently. We sent her this magnolia for remembrance. She expressed to us how beautiful the magnolia was and is looking forward to being able to plant it outside; in the meantime she's potted it for inside and plans to let it grow for a while before putting it outside as she's in a colder climate.
Verified Customer
Thank you for helping me express my sympathy to a friend who lost his mother. They were very pleased at the delivery.
Verified Customer
Memory Tree for Moondance
My friend’s cat came down with kidney disease and his health began to deteriorate. Moondance passed away last month and it was very tough for her. He was her companion and best friend. Another co-worker and I wanted to do something to help her be reminded of the good times she shared with Moondance. She is an avid lover of plants, trees, and all things nature, and recently bought her first house. We felt a memory tree would be the perfect thing for her to plant at her new home in honor of Moondance. She absolutely loved it! Very grateful to seeds of life for helping to provide this special gift to her.
Mallory Scheurer02/16/2021
Verified Customer
Very happy with this!
I ordered this as a gift for my coworker as his mother just passed away and I am glad I ordered this. The delivery was fast and the product was well wrapped.
I sent a southern magnolia to a friend who was grieving the loss of a parent. They said the tree was beautiful. They really appreciated the gift of a tree. Seeds of Life made it so easy. Ordering was super simple and the tree was delivered within three days.
Verified Customer
Beautiful Tree to remember a Beautiful Mother
Once again, Seeds of Life helped us remember my friend's beautiful mother who recently passed away. The magnolia tree is lovely and will give her many years to remember her beautiful mother. Excellent service every time! I always use Seeds of Life to send condolences to a friend who lost a love one, person or pet. It is a beautiful way to remember our loved ones.
Vicky D02/09/2021
Verified Customer
Loss of family member order
My Uncle died of Covid very quickly. My Aunt loves to garden and watch things grow. She was so happy with the quality of the tree. She especially loved the name plate. The delivery was quick the product arrived in tact. Thank you for the quality delivery. Better than expected.
Jeri Murdock02/05/2021
Verified Customer
Gorgeous packaging, quick delivery
I have sent several of these as memorials, and have always been so pleased with their arrival both in package presentation and in shipping speed. Thank you so much for your beautiful trees.
Verified Customer
Magnolia tree
Recipient loved it said it was the best gift they received during this difficult time. They loved the touch of the plaque with their loved ones name on it.
Verified Customer
Precious Living Gift
The family absolutely loved the magnolia and the engraved olive wood cross!!!
Verified Customer
Such a wonderful way to remember a loved one.. Seeds of Life website is user friendly and their fulfillment of order is fast and their trees are beautiful.
bernadette duffy01/31/2021
Verified Customer
Gifted forward
My coworkers sent me a tree when my father in law passed of COVID at the beginning of the epidemic in April 2020. When my daughter’s grand father in law passsed away in January 2021 of COVID, I knew I wanted to stand her mother in law a tree as well. They are beautiful and worth the expense. All of our families can watch the trees grow and remember our lost loved ones.
Jennifer Labrosciano01/18/2021
Verified Customer
Memorial trees
I send the large magnolia to friends that have lost a loved one. I’ve send for people that lost a fur baby. Everyone loves them.
Pattie Brady11/30/2020
Verified Customer
Magnolia tree
I love sending this to my niece and her husband. This is a lasting daily memory of his father, which they will see growing each day in his memory.
Suzanne Lagoy11/20/2020
Verified Customer
Ordered a Magnolia tree in remembrance of lost father
My friends I sent the tree to were especially blessed and so thankful for such a beautiful remembrance do the Father. Awesome choice and gift.
I love the idea of a tree in memory of a loved one. It was easy to place the order and delivered VERY quickly. My friend loved the gift. I would definitely recommend.
Verified Customer
Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree
This tree was delivered in great condition. Planted this tree with my daughter and granddaughter. It looks good and hopefully it will grow with beautiful white flowers. My son-in-law passed away due to Pancreatic Cancer. This tree memorial helped us all feel that his spirit was with us the day we planted it. Thank you for your great service!
Mary Seibold11/16/2020
Verified Customer
So glad I found this!!
So glad I googled and found this! So much better than flower arrangements that won’t last! Loved the magnolia tree option that lives and grows in loved ones yard and olive memory cross to have too 💕
Kim S11/12/2020
Verified Customer
Southern Magnolia tree
Sent this to four cousins after the loss of their mom. They all loved it
Dawn Bradford11/10/2020
Verified Customer
Magnolia memory tree
Beautiful and greatly appreciated y the recipient
Mary weatherly11/08/2020
Verified Customer
My purchases
I order bereavement items for the business I support (in 5 states). I have purchased from this vendor previously and it's always been a great experience. My latest purchase was in honor of the recipient's father who had just passed away. The family absolutely loved it and the thought of planting it in his honor. I think this is a very personal gift and am delighted to have the option to order.
Verified Customer
The magnolia tree was beautiful and meant so much to the family.
Jeanne Sehring10/08/2020
Verified Customer
Wonderful Memorial for Family Member
Arrived quickly even with engraved plate. Beautiful gift to remember the passing of a family member. It will be planted at family vacation home.
Kaye Johnson10/06/2020
Verified Customer
My husband received a Magnolia Tree when his mother passed away. As a guy, he really appreciated it being a tree that he can watch grow, instead of flowers. It was the one thing that he commented about and personally thanked the donor. I have since given this tree as a gift as well. I know the family will enjoy it as much as we do. It comes beautifully boxed.
Verified Customer
Amazing Memorial Gifts
The day I found this site, I have shared with so many people this amazing memorial gifts. So personal and a beautiful gift of peace and comfort!
Jackie L.10/05/2020
Verified Customer
Olive & Magnolia Sympathy trees
I have ordered these Sympathy trees for friends and family all over the US. for several years. The trees are healthy, beautiful, and hearty. Long-lasting trees. Loved by all who receive them!
Debbie Marchica10/02/2020
I sent this magnolia tree to my cousin who lost his wife. He was delighted with the tree & said that it was great. He plans on planting it at the cemetery in remembrance of his wife. Great gift!
Verified Customer
I have used the Seeds of Life 2 times and have had amazing results. The trees were sent promptly without any hassle. Extremely satisfied and will continue to order from them!!
Kellie Hall09/22/2020
Verified Customer
This has so much meaning to someone and they are absolutely beautiful. Have sent them to several people now and they are in love with them. Packaged beautiful and shipped quick and safe.
Jennifer Malone09/21/2020
Verified Customer
Excellent product and service - Southern Magnolia Tree
This is the 3rd purchase I've made and will continue to purchase these beautiful trees in remembrance. High quality, quick delivery and excellent customer service. Each person that has received one has absolutely loved them.
Verified Customer
This is my second time ordering from this company. They have quality service and fast deliveries. Both friends were exceptionally happy.
Verified Customer
Great experience
Everything from ordering to getting the call they received the tree was great. The tree looked amazing to be coming out of a box and was packaged nicely. My cousin loved the tree and can’t wait to plant it so he can see it daily! Love this entire concept
Shay Champion09/11/2020
Verified Customer
Thank you for the timely delivery as promised -- only four days. The large tree is verdant and beautiful per picture sent by recipient. It was a perfect way to honor a cherished loved one's passing and celebrate her life.
Verified Customer
Wonderful experience
My order couldn’t have gone any better if I had walked into a nursery and hand picked a plant, prepared for gift giving and delivered it myself! Beautiful plant, timely delivery, and complete satisfaction!!!
Verified Customer
Thank you so much for the on time delivery and I will definitely be recommending you to future buyers!
Verified Customer
Absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend this company. The tree and plaque were both amazing.
Shana Simmons08/22/2020
Verified Customer
Beautiful delivery and presentation- thank you!
We had such a wonderful experience end to end. The tree I purchased arrived on a timely basis, and was presented so beautifully! It really made the recipient feel special. Thank you! It's so important to have these moments in life go flawlessly- we were so happy to find your company
Verified Customer
Perfect Gift and Excellent Service
I've used Seeds of Life for several purchases and this last one was just as lovely as all of the others. This type of gift is so very meaningful as it is something that a family or friend can enjoy for so many years to come. I sent this one to a close friend who lost her mother recently. Each year when the tree blooms, the white blossoms represent a good memories that can be cherished. The customer service and communication is superb and I highly recommend Seeds of Life.
Mischa Perez08/18/2020
Verified Customer
Good choice
It's always scary buying something that you will never lay eyes on. I had to dress this service and it was a good choice. The magnolia tree got there timely and in great shape. The receiver was very impressed and very happy. She sent me a picture and it was lovely. This is a nice company to trust! I recommend
Verified Customer
Large Magnolia Tree
I have purchased this twice for friends that loss family members! Beautiful way to remember loved ones!
Teresa Aegerter08/13/2020
Verified Customer
The tree itself is lovely. The service from this company is less than subpar. I couldn’t in good conscious ever recommend them to anyone. I ordered a tree for 3 day shipping. 3 days came and went, it had not be delivered. By day 5 I reached out to this company and they said they would look into it. Day 6 they said it had been lost and they would send a replacement to arrive in 2 days. Being that I paid $35 for shipping I asked they refund that cost because I did not receive the 3 day shipping I paid for. They declined. The tree did arrive on day 8. A memory tree. Way past the funeral and grieving window. Any other company who experiences issues as such makes some attempt to right their wrong, not seeds of life!
Hello Jaimie,
I am sorry that your original tree did not arrive on time. We would like to make this right for you, and will be happy to refund the shipping. Please send me your order number, and I will get that processed for you. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Jaimie Rosentel08/10/2020
Verified Customer
Large Magnolia Tree
ordered for a co-worker in the loss of her father and she loved it
Verified Customer
Large magnolia tree
I have ordered these beautiful trees a few times for friends. They are beautiful and such a special way to honor a loved one who has passed away.
Verified Customer
Nice gift, bad service
The trees themselves were very nice but I had issues with the service. It was not clear which day it would arrive and it arrived late for the service. When I realized it would be late I called and asked for solutions and the only option given was to change the address, which I did. The trees were still delivered to the funeral home late so the bereaved family had to go pick them up. Once when I called and said who I was and what the call was in regards to I was hung up on. Overall this business is not very well run despite having nice products.
I am sorry that there was confusion on when your trees would arrive. I sincerely apologize that your call was dropped. We do strive to provide great customer service and will be working on correcting any issues.
We appreciate your feedback and would love to serve you again in the future. Please call us, when you are ready to place another order and we will make sure the process is smooth.
Once again, I do apologize.
Best Regards,
Verified Customer
Wonderful idea
I have always hated the idea of sending flowers that wither up and die to people who have lost a loved one. In the past I have planted trees and bushes to honor people I have lost. This seemed like a great way to send a gift to a special family that would be enjoyed for years to come. They seemed very pleased.
Jana Cooley07/10/2020
Verified Customer
Perfect gift
Ordered this for a very good family friend. They loved it and said it looks amazing in their yard. Just ordered my second tree for a family member. I’m sure they will enjoy the tree as well
Verified Customer
Seeds of life tree
I found this company on line when I wanted to send a very special sympathy gift , instead of flowers This magnolia tree was absolutely BEAUTIFUL AND 2 weeks ago my nephew passed away & i ordered again ... my cousin LOVED her beautiful magnolia tree As it is a BEAUTIFUL remembrance watching the love Bloom !!!!
Linda Parlette06/18/2020
Verified Customer
Best Memorial Gift!
I received one for my nephew when he passed away. My Matthew tree is my favorite! I know send these as all my sympathy and baby gift!
Verified Customer
Beautiful Tribute to my Dear Friend
My friends and I ordered two Magnolia Jane Trees in memory of our life long friend. We gave them to her two daughters who have children, who called their grandmother “Nu Na”. The tree has a medal tag with “Nu Na Tree” engraved on it. They loved it.
Connie OConnor06/15/2020
Verified Customer
Great service! Fedx was slow in delivering, but the tree arrived in good condition.
Verified Customer
Fast shipping and a beautiful delivery. My friend sent me a photo of what he received, and I was blown away. I will definitely use this site again and am grateful to have received a growing kit myself from a friend. My go-to for beautiful gifts!
Verified Customer
1st time buyer
Ordered this magnolia tree and name tag for a friend who had to deliver their baby knowing he wouldnt survive outside the womb. He was a beautiful little boy that was too precious for this world. I had purchased this tree and dropped it off for them without knowing they had wanted the magnolia tree to symbolize their little boy. It was a great gift for them and their family. The delivery was very quick and the packaging was on point! Thank you so much Seeds Of Life.
Daucey Strong05/19/2020
Verified Customer
Received my Large Magnolia Tree!
The tree is beautiful! It was neatly packaged and I received it sooner than expected. I was always informed of where the tree was during shipping. The memory tag is equally nice. This is best way to honor my Dad. He will still watch our family grow,
Verified Customer
Magnolia Tree
I have used this company time and time again. Everything I have sent to loved ones has arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Every time I send a gift the recipients just love the idea of keeping the memory of their loved one alive by planting these plants and watching them grow, just as the memories do. Love this !!!!!!!
Mary Beth05/17/2020
Verified Customer
Wonderful Company
Gorgeous tree. Arrived when expected. Would definitely order from Seeds of Life again. This is my second or third order. My go to gift when someone close has passed. Lovely way to remember someone dear. Always appreciated.
Rhonda Ruby05/16/2020
Verified Customer
Such a meaningful gift
Overall beautiful gift especially for memory of our loved one. It was delivered quickly and safely. Thank you, meant a lot to my family.
Ayelin Sanchez05/15/2020
Verified Customer
Wonderful idea for someone who has lost a loved one.
We had a wonderful experience with seeds of life. We ordered on a Thursday and it took about a week even with COVID for normal delivery. We had mistakenly ordered a tree that wouldn’t grow well in the climate we had sent it to and they let us know and changed the order easily for us. Amazing customer service and value for money. Thank you.
Verified Customer
Dog Sympathy Tree
The magnolia ann tree arrived within 3 days and that was during the pandemic. They have amazing customer service as I changed my mind after ordering and they acted immediately and changed the order for me. It will be a great memory for me to think of my best furry friend! 100% will be using this service for gifts again! Thank you!
Verified Customer
Magnolia tree Large
The tree did not arrive in time for the funeral but the next day.(which was unfortunate but I assume that was fedex) I had the recipients send me a photo and was a little disappointed the top leaves were yellow and they had spelled the name of the deceased person on the tag wrong. However I gave them 4 star rating because their customer service was excellent .The people I spoke with were very polite understanding and told me they would replace the name tag. I would definitely like to order from them again since I like their trees
Verified Customer
Perfect gift in memory of a loved one
I sent a magnolia tree to a friend after her father passed away. She was very pleased with it. There are many options to choose from and seeds of life keeps you notified in real time:when it is sent, when it will be delivered, and notification of after it was delivered so i had no questions. I also had made a purchase for another friend but since she lives in a state that does not accept deliveries of trees, I was contacted by seeds of life, given options and then refunded immediately. Great company! Excellent product
Verified Customer
Great Customer Service
I was recently part of 2 separate group purchases for trees. I was in charge of one, in my rush I left one members name off the card. I was frantic! I called and iMessage and emailed customer service, well they emailed back so quickly I was shocked. They put my mind at ease and corrected my mistake. Both ladies that received trees (both had moms pass away) LOVED them. We were referred by another friend who’s family gave her a tree upon the death of her baby. Each family took a cutting and made trees from her original tree and named them The Troy Tree. We shared this option with each recipient, as their children move away they can take a cutting from their Grandma Tree.
Magnolia Tree Large
The tree arrived as promised, it does not have blooms but that was to be expected. The recipient was delighted with it and said it seems to be very healthy. The shipping was quick and updates were sent for each move. I would order again for sure
Verified Customer
Have used Seeds of Life a few time and always impressed with the service they provide. Will continue to use them.
Jackie Petrie04/24/2020
Verified Customer
great gift
sent these to friend after a death - he loved them ...beautiful gift to honor someone's memory.
Verified Customer
Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree
Verified Customer
First times a charm
We ordered a Magnolia tree for a friend that lost her young daughter. She loved it! I have always loved to send a live plant to serve as a memorial for loved ones and didn't know of this company. Great find!
Verified Customer
Magnolia large memorial tree
After reading reviews I decided to take a chance and send this special gift to some dear friends. Delivery was fast and per my friend packaged with alot of care. She said the tree was absolutely beautiful and the added items just topped it off. Thanks you guys!! So glad I took the chance to order for the first time. It won't be the last.
Denise - NC03/23/2020
Verified Customer
Lovely gift
The family loved the tree and thanked me for it being so thoughtful can't wait to see it blossom this spring.
Verified Customer
Magnolia Tree
Ordered the tree for a coworker who lost her Father. She was extremely happy that she'll have such a beautiful tree to remind her of him.
Verified Customer
Gift for a friend who lost her sister
This was such a wonderful gift. I sent this to a friend of mine who lost her twin sister. I sent it a day or two after the funeral. My friend was so happy with the tree and was grateful to be able to plant this in memory of her sister. A place her family can sit and reflect on the good times and think of her.
Kelly Henderson12/28/2019
Verified Customer
Love this!!
This is my second time ordering a magnolia tree for someone that lost a loved one. What an amazing gift for someone to plant as a reminder of their loved one.
Karen Jensen12/28/2019
Verified Customer
Magnolia Tree
I’ve ordered several of these for grieving family members and they’ve all loved them! I would highly recommend this company!
Kim Peters12/23/2019
Verified Customer
Memory Tree
Our family’used Seeds of Life for the first time, to send a Magnolia Memory tree to our niece, who lost her husband to cancer. We were told the tree was beautiful and it was delivered quickly. The staff were very helpful in choosing a tree for our nieces area. Thank you for a beautiful well done job.
Verified Customer
Beautiful Gift
Wonderful plants, great memorials. I have sent these to greiving families multiple times and they are always appreciated and remarked on years later. Even bought one for my yard, just because everyone enjoyed them. Would recommend them without reservation.
Verified Customer
Wonderful gift
I have been both the recipient and the giver of a Seeds of Life tree, and have been very happy with the experience. The shipping is super fast. Such a wonderful, meaningful gift to give.
Kathy Schafer11/19/2019
Remembrance Magnolia Tree (medium)
Every step from ordering, delivery and presentation went smoothly and beautifully . The recipients loved the tree and sentiment behind it after the passing of our friends mother . I ordered on July 4th and they received on Saturday July 6 . The tree had no flowers but was tall and healthy . Perhaps the tree is not in bloom now . I recommend ordering from this company !
Verified Customer
Magnolia tree
I gifted the Magnolia tree to a friend whose mother in law passed away. They absolutely loved the sentiment. Packaged very nicely & arrived on time. Thank you Seeds of Life! This is my second purchase & you never disappoint. Highly recommend.
Verified Customer
Beautiful gift to remember a beautiful life!
I have given this as a gift twice now and the recipients of this thoughtful living gift have been so thankful and excited to plant it and remember their loved ones.
This beautiful tree was sent to a very dear friend who lost her husband suddenly. They were very quick in getting it delivered and she said the tress was beautiful. I hope she will be able to enjoy it and remember her husband while looking at it for years to come. thank you
Verified Customer
Deeply Touched!
My team at work ordered this for a co-worker who had lost his mother. When he received the order he video chatted with me so I could see it. It was absolutely beautiful! We both shared tears seeing how deeply touched he was. Especially when he saw the personalized engraved tag that read "In Loving Memory Mother". This is a wonderful service and I will definitely use them again!
Erin Hannah06/17/2019
Quick Shipping, Beautiful gift
First time ordering from seeds of life and it won't be my last! Shipping was quick and the end result was beautiful and really appreciated. This is such a great alternative to send to someone for memorial or celebrations. I was really impressed with how easy it was to order and how quickly it shipped, and how nice it arrived to my family.
Lorraine P06/14/2019
Verified Customer
Such a nice way to pay respects to someone
We sent a magnolia tree as a group when one of our coworkers passed away very unexpectedly. His family called to let us know how nice it was and to tell us they had already planted it in Jeff’s memory.
Verified Customer
This was the most amazing gift. The family was so delighted to have a permanent memory of their loved one. Will definitely use this service again!
Verified Customer
We've been purchasing In "Memory/Sympathy" gift trees for many, many years and the overall experience is perfect. Easy purchase but the end result to the recipient is was counts the most. Whenever we receive photos from those who have received gift trees, the photo looks just like the website. It's such a touching gift but done really well from Seeds of Life. Thank you! 
Verified Customer
Lovely tribute
I sent a magnolia to a friend whose father had passed away, and it was very well received. She was touched and can't wait to plant the tree with her children. I found ordering easy and there was excellent communication regarding the order and delivery. Highly Recommend!
Verified Customer
I Love Seeds of Life
I love Seeds of Life. Whenever someone passes, we give a Magnolia Tree. We've received comments from recipients that is so beautiful, and it comes back year after year. They're touched by the thoughtful gift and revisit fond memories of their loved one. On a technical note, their website does what it's supposed to do (no frustrations) and is user friendly.
Susie B.05/24/2019
Verified Customer
I bought a magnolia tree with a name tag. It’s beautiful.
Emily Fowler05/22/2019
Verified Customer
Unfortunately I did not get to see the actual tree but I did receive a phone call from the friend I sent it to. A hard time for sure but they appreciated the sweet sentiment.
T. Wiley05/17/2019
Verified Customer
Office Manager
We have been sending the Magnolia trees to our clients as a memorial bereavement gift when a loved one passes away. Every one who has received a tree has been so very touched to receive such a beautiful gift to help remember their loved one.
Debbie Hamilton05/03/2019
Verified Customer
Perfect gift
This is a lovely gift to give in honor of the loss of someones loved one. We have given this for the loss of a few pets as well. Such a wonderful idea and we will continue to use Seeds of Life!
Glenn B.05/03/2019
Verified Customer
Beautiful little tree and engraved tag. Arrived quickly and exactly as described
Hi Phyllis,
Thank you for taking time to write us a review. We are happy to hear the Southern Magnolia tree arrived in beautiful condition.
Everyone here on our team strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. We look forward to serving you again!
Julie Roth
Verified Customer
Beautiful Sympathy Gift
Have ordered a few times and each time they were delivered exactly as stated. Beautiful trees and plants Highly recommend Customer service is top notch so helpful when I called with questions
Verified Customer
Great Sympathy Gift
The recipient was very appreciative and pleased when she received the Magnolia Tree. She said that food will be eaten, flowers will fade, but that memento, she hopes will last forevever.
Verified Customer
A beautiful gift
This unusual gift will touch the heart of the recipient. A wonderful alternative to flowers The personalized engraved tag is the perfect touch. I will do this again & again.
Verified Customer
Perfect Gift to Remember A Loved One
A group of us gave this as a gift to a teammate. Although we had no idea, the person we were memorializing was an avid gardener and loved being outdoors. The family was so appreciative of the gift. It perfectly fit her and will serve as a beautiful loving memory.
Hi AB, Thank you for taking time to write us a review. We are happy to hear our Magnolia Tree was a meaningful gift to your teammate! We so enjoy growing and shipping our trees for our customers and we look forward to serving you again. Sincerely, Julie
Verified Customer
Heartfelt Sympathy Gift
This is a beautiful way to remember someone. My parents received a similar tree when my sister had passed away 17 years ago- it’s big and beautiful, still going strong. Purchase was easy and although I didn’t get a chance to see it, the family was very grateful and loved the engraved cross.
Verified Customer
Fantastic customer service
I ordered a magnolia tree for a friend who’s father passed away. It was absolutely beautiful. It couldn’t of been a better gift. My friend was so happy to receive this memorable gift that will make him think of his dad and put a smile on his face ever time he looks at it . The person I spoke to at seedsoflife was so helpful and very patient with me since I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to order. I will definitely order from this company again for all occasions.
Marie Sturgeon02/09/2019
Verified Customer
Magnolia Tree Sympathy Gift
I have given this tree 3 times and it is always so well received by those grieving. It's such a nice remembrance of those past to hav something that lives on. I highly recommend this as a sympathy gift.
Lindsay Chastain02/07/2019
Verified Customer
Beautiful memory
Such a beautiful gift and a memory that will last forever. The website was very easy to use. The southern Magnolia we ordered arrived on time and in great condition. Will definitely be ordering again.
Debra Weakley02/02/2019
Verified Customer
Perfect gift
This is such a perfect gift instead of flowers. I feel like when families receive the tree, it gives them an opportunity to see something grow and bloom over the years. This company does excellent service and everybody that I have sent these trees to have been very happy. Would highly recommend.
Kellie Guffin02/01/2019
Verified Customer
We were concerned how this would be perceived.. They were excited that the fact that the tree would. live on & the plaque Was the topper ...One of the best feel good gifts we have ever purchased....!We give it 5 stars...!
Don McMillin01/28/2019
Verified Customer
The gift that keeps giving
So glad you offer these trees to remember a loss. They are beautiful and healthy! Thank you so much for making this easy.
Thank you for taking time to write us a review. We are happy to know you are pleased with our magnolia tree and that the order processing was easy. It is a true blessing to grow and ship our trees to our customers. We appreciate your order and look forward to serving you again! Sincerely, Julie
Verified Customer
Beautifully done!
I simply love this give of Life purchased for a friend... beautiful packaging and personalized. I received one when my loved one passed, and it was by far the best gift in remembrance. Two years later, my tree is getting bigger and love to see it grow!
Verified Customer
Such a great gift
Sent the medium Southern Magnolia as a gift from our office staff to a co worker in remembrance of her father . She loved it, as did her family members . This is a beautiful gift idea, instead of flowers or fruit basket . The engraved sign was an added bonus . Will definitely do this again . Shipped in a timely manner with tracking number. Well worth it!
Maria G01/14/2019
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The Very Best Gift to Send
We love sending these trees to remember a loved one. I have used Seeds of Life four times now and each person is grateful for this unique way to remember their loved one.
Lindsay Joyce01/13/2019
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Best Gift to Give
We love using Seeds of Life to gift a tree after someone has passed away. We feel its a great way to remember a loved one by planting a tree, which won't die like flowers, but grow as you remember beautiful memories. Seeds of Life does a great job fulfilling that wish for us! I highly recommend them. Everyone we have sent a tree to is so appreciative of this special thought and gift.
Megan Sanderson12/31/2018
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Memorial Gift
I purchased the Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree for a co-worker of mine as a remembrance of his grandfather. He absolutely loved it! This is my go to for any sympathy gift.
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Perfect Memorial Gift
An absolute perfect way for dad to remember his sister. Her beauty will live on in a way that he can see everyday Thanks for the fast delivery and beautiful tree.
Michelle Mitchell08/20/2018
Memory Tree
The service is exceptional. They always deliver what they promise. I use Seeds of Life for any sympathy gift.
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Wonderful memorial
Ordering process was seamless and the plant was well-received and much appreciated by my friend.
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