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Red Rose Plants in Nursery

Container Growing Care Tips for Plants

Our desire is that you succeed in growing off a beautiful plant/tree that can be enjoyed in a container for many years. With proper care you will be able to enjoy your plant season to season, where blooms arrive each spring. The following tips/care instructions can be used for plants kept as a patio/indoor item.

  1. Remove your Seeds of Life Gift from the box. Open the burlap bag to remove and discard the plastic shipping bag.
  2. The item received can be kept in the container it came in or a container/pot of your choosing. As needed, you will need to transplant your item into a container/pot size twice its current size.
  3. Fill the container with standard potting soil from your local garden center. Plant the tree so that the current soil level of the tree is even with the soil level in the new container.
  4. Water the plant/tree until water runs out of the bottom of the new container.
  5. Choose a location where the item receives a lot of natural light. It is ideal to have a spot where the tree receives full sunlight during a part of the day – the more full sunlight the better!
  6. Water the tree once every 4-5 days, depending on how fast the soil moisture dries out. Remember to keep your tree consistently moist, but not overly wet all the time.
  7. A general use fertilizer will benefit the tree by applying the fertilizer once per year.
  8. As the tree grows through the years, it will be necessary to transplant the tree into a larger container and lightly prune the branches to maintain a beautiful container plant/tree.