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Matt & Julie in Magnolia Tree Nursery

Our Story

Our story began like each and every one of our trees: with a seed.

Years ago, my best friend and wife, Julie, picked up a hickory nut and placed it on our kitchen counter top overlooking our cozy little sunroom. Bringing this little miracle of nature indoors started with Julie’s continuous desire to provide a diverse and loving environment for our four children.

But like every tree, this little seed grew into something so much more. As the moisture in the soil was absorbed by the seed, we noticed rapid changes as the seed swelled, cracked and eventually sprouted a little hickory tree.

I thought of it no more than a fun addition to our living space where our four small children started their morning breakfast munching on cereal and talking about life’s happenings – the upcoming field trip, the previous night’s little league game and why did we run out of milk for the morning? There the potted seed sat quietly in a prominent location next to the small kitchen reading lamp and the coffee maker.

We could see the seedling beginning to peek out of the stout, hardened nut as it stretched for the sunlight showering through the sunroom windows. Soon, the new little tree greeted us each morning with noteworthy changes and our conversations were punctuated with the progression of this little hickory tree.

'Mom, today it opened up two more leaves,'
'Dad, it is growing so fast!'
'Where are we going to plant it?'

These were some of the comments we remember. The expressions of delight, wonder and discovery in a child's eyes can be moving and it was these ingredients mixed in with a measure of motherly love that moved us to start Seeds of Life.

To this day our hickory tree still reminds us of those joyful years with our young children running around our small kitchen. Today our children are almost all grown up, but we always remember the power of that little seed.

We hope that our seeds, seedlings, and trees can help you memorialize the special moments and people in your life—from the big events to the little moment you'll cherish forever."