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Seeds of Life Guarantee

Before leaving our farm much care has been taken to make sure each gift tree is healthy, vigorous and ready to thrive. We nurture each tree because we understand the great importance and meaning these legacy these trees hold in the live's of our clients. We guarantee all gift trees or seed planting sent within the previous six months. Our professional staff will also strive to answer any questions to ensure the successful growing experience with our legacy trees.

We guarantee each tree is healthy and ready to grow into a legacy tree with the chance to last hundreds of years. Each gift tree is resilient and has the potential to thrive, and each one has accompanying detailed care instructions to aid in that growth process. A basic rule of thumb before planting them in the ground is to treat these trees like other houseplants. Enough water to keep the soil moist and a little natural light will help your gift tree get to the stage of a spring planting in the ground.

As a branch of The Magnolia Company, Seeds of Life™ was established to serve unique gift trees as a simple yet meaningful gift for our clients. Our farm specializes in growing trees that can be given as a gift and planted to honor that special friend or family member. Aided by years of farming experience, we guarantee our clients with healthy trees that are ready to thrive.