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Seeds of Life Growing Tree Kits in Rows

Gable Gift Box Care

Thank you for ordering one of our seeds of life tree kits. The high-quality tree seeds we provide will make it easy to grow a living tree. These trees have been selected according to your zip code to ensure that it is a tree which can thrive in your growing zone.

Please follow the directions below to make your planting experience a success. By following the directions below your seed will germinate into a healthy seedling.

Upon arrival, you can plant seed(s) immediately or place your seed(s) in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 weeks until you are ready to plant in your container. Be very careful to not let your seed(s) freeze.


  1. Fill the provided container ¾ of the way full with the soil provided.
  2. Carefully open the top and bottom of your clear seed box which contains the seed grouping.
  3. Push out the entire grouping of moss and seeds, keeping it held together.
  4. Place the grouping on top of the soil, which is only ¾ of the soil in the container. Your seed may be cracked and/or have roots growing out of the bottom-this is good!
  5. Keep the seed in the same direction so that it is not placed upside down. If a few roots break off when transferred, do not worry, they will regenerate.
  6. Fill in the remaining space around the seed grouping with the last ¼ of the soil in the bag.
  7. Top off the container with the decorative moss. Push aside enough moss so you can see the acorn lying in the container. It is fun to watch the seedling sprout out of the seed.

An important rule – PLEASE KEEP SOIL MOIST AT ALL TIMES!!! One half cup of water every three days should be enough. If you see water running out of the container it is ok, however do not over-water your seedling every time. Remember – roots need oxygen and roots cannot breathe if they are underwater.

Once your seedling has sprouted you can continue growing your seedling indoors until you are ready to plant it outdoors. Some natural light, south facing window, will help your seedling grow. As your tree grows and fills out the container with a greater root mass it will need additional water.

After your seedling has grown in the container supplied for 90-120 days your tree might be 7 – 10 inches tall and it might be ready to transplant it into an area outdoors to receive more sunlight. If you live in any Northern climates, just make sure your newly sprouted seedling is moved outdoors only when you are past damaging winter temperatures, and the time of year is during or past your spring thaw. In southern climates a year-round planting schedule is possible.

Acorn with a root