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Wedding Favors & Seedlings on Table Display

Wedding Favors

Seed Favors

Upon arrival, you can plant seed(s) immediately or place your seed(s) in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 weeks until you are ready to plant in your container. Be very careful to not let your seed(s) freeze.

  1. When planting, select a small container, fill ¾ with soil.
  2. Place the seed grouping on top of the soil, which is only ¾ of the soil in the container. Your seed may be cracked and/or have roots growing out of the bottom-this is good!
  3. Keep the seed in the same direction so that it is not placed upside down. If a few roots break off when transferred, do not worry, they will regenerate.
  4. Fill in the remaining ¼ space around the seed grouping with soil.
  5. Top off the container with the decorative moss. Push aside enough moss so you can see the acorn lying in the container. It is fun to watch the seedling sprout out of the seed.


  1. Plant seedling as soon as possible in a small pot with potting soil. Keep moist but not overwatered.
  2. Plant the seedling so that the root ball is level with the top of the soil.
  3. Place your potted seedling in partial to full sunlight.
  4. Once seedling is larger (approx. 12”) you can transplant into a bigger container or into the ground in your favorite spot.

Moss Letters

  1. Gently remove the letters from your box.
  2. If you use your greenery indoors, keep it away from heat sources that may dry it out, such as direct sunlight, open flames, or heat vents.
  3. Be sure to protect the surface that your greenery rests on from moisture damage and scratches.
  4. GET CREATIVE! Use a single letter to represent your initial or hang multiple letters as a monogram. Spell out a word such as JOY or LOVE.
  5. Whether hung horizontally or vertically, the letters add a personalized touch to a front door, foyer, fireplace mantle or as part of the table decor.

MAKE IT LAST TIP: Mist the letters with cool water every day to keep them smelling fresh and looking vibrant.