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Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree

Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree
Purchase Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree
  • Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree

  • $63 - $94

  • Tree Size:

    Beloved for its fuchsia, cup-shaped flowers, the magnolia ann tree brings a little bit of joy wherever it goes. Its yearly spring bloom is a reminder of renewal and rebirth. As a memorial gift, the Magnolia Ann tree is a gift that keeps on giving. Though the pain of loss never goes away, its bright bloom is a yearly reminder of life's constant beauty and continuation.

    Care instructions and a personalized gift card are included with each gift tree.


    Arrival Starting:

    Upon purchasing this gift tree, a beautiful hand written pre-order notification card will be mailed to the recipient immediately. This announcement will notify them of the gift tree scheduled to start arriving by . The warm spring temperatures provide a wonderful planting environment that will allow this tree to thrive.

    Another hand written gift card with your personal message will accompany the gift tree during the designated spring shipment date.

    Is this a gift? Click to Add Gift Card Message
    A thoughtful gift card is included with each purchase. Write your personalized message below.
    (250 character limit)
    Add Personalized Engraved Tag  
    Same Day Engraving. This unique engraved tag provides a memorial keepsake with your gift tree or plant and helps identify the meaning behind your gift. Tag is 2" x 3.5" and comes affixed to a 17" stake. Please write your personal message in the space below. If you order prior to 12:00 pm it will accompany your gift tree order today!
    In Memory Engraved Tree Tag
    (50 character limit)
    Add Laser Engraved Olive Cross  

    The olive cross is hand carved from genuine olive wood in Bethlehem and provides a memorial keepsake with your gift tree or plant. This unique pocket cross fits comfortably into the palm of your hand to provide comfort during your time of prayer.

    Size: 2 ¼ x 4 inches.

    Engraved Olive Cross
    (30 character limit)
Please Note: As with all things natural, working with Mother Nature means we can't guarantee our plants and trees will be blooming during the time of shipment. Depending on the time of year and the varying temperatures around our country, the blooms may have already occurred or may be yet to come.
Cannot Ship to
Full Sun
Mature Height
10-15 ft with 10' spread
Purple-red color, Blooms April to May
Dark green
Great landscape specimen
This gorgeous Magnolia Ann tree has lightly-scented lavender blossoms, and dark green leaves. The beautiful blossoms bloom from April to May to avoid spring frosts. This tree can grow up to thirteen feet tall, and ten feet wide. Each gift tree is beautifully packaged in a 100% natural jute bag with an accompanying hand-tied ribbon. This tree will serve as a memorial to honor that special someone.

Care Information

General Care

Watering: Water 1-2 times a week. Especially when young, the soil should be kept moist. During hot or dry months, you may need to water more than once a week. Sun: Full sun is the ideal condition for the Magnolia Ann. Pruning: You can prune your Magnolia Ann immediately after it blooms. You can maintain your Magnolia as a small shrub if desired. Pruning is not required for the health of this tree.

Planting Guidelines

Plant your Ann Magnolia in a spot in your yard that receives full sun. The Ann magnolia grows in acidic, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, silty loam and well-drained soils. Plant in a hole twice as wide but just as deep as the root ball. Add a thick layer of mulch around the tree.

Winter Care

If not already planted into the ground, keep in a pot/container. The Magnolia can be kept indoors until ready to plant in early Spring. Keep in an area of full sun, water as needed. Magnolia Ann will lose all leaves in fall/winter. It blooms early in spring, when the trees are still bare.

Potting & Container

Magnolia Ann's can be grown in a container and transplanted into the ground in late winter/early spring. If keeping in a container, use a 3 gallon for the first 6-12 months. Increase container size as tree grows. Container-grown plants should be transplanted in spring or fall, mulched, fertilized at planting, and well-watered. Avoid fertilizing the tree during its slowest time of growth in fall and winter. Continued watering and mulching is required for successful establishment.

Magnolia Ann Memorial tree
The recipients love their memorial. It came with 2 broken branches, but nevertheless was beautiful. It brings them joy at this time and they will create new memories as time heals. Thank you.
Elaine Renner05/11/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Elaine -
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate your business.
Despite some of our best efforts to try and ensure a safe delivery of these special gifts, sometimes it occurs that the transit is not as gentle as we would like or wish. I do apologize for this inconvenience. I am certain that it will in fact be resilient and tough and make it through. However, please rest assured, that we stand behind our products and want it to continue to thrive and grow. If they have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us. Our guarantee is for 6 months from receipt of the tree.
All the best,
Magnolia Tree
My family was thrilled when they received the memorial gift. They said the blooms will bring them much joy and wonderful memories.
Verified Customer
Dear Sheila-
We truly hope this living memorial will continue to bring peace, hope, and comfort for many years to come. May they find strength in each day as they watch this tree grow and remind them to do the same "continue to grow " . We have to grow through life, grow through our faith, grow through lessons and grow through our healing.
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special gift. We appreciate your business.
Perfect Memorial Gift
Great gift for a Memorial. Arrived timely in April '22 after ordering in December '21. The card & information received in December gave clear information to the recipients.
Lynna Pickard05/10/2022
Verified Customer
Hello Lynna-
Thank you for the kind words in the review. We appreciate your business.
We are so very delighted to know that although this tree was a "prebook" item, and the recipient had to wait to receive it, that they received it well. We truly appreciate your patience in the arrival of the special memorial tree.
We are very honored to have been a part of this special memorial and your thoughtful gift. We hope it will get strong roots, to remind them to remain firm and sound. We hope it will get tall branches that reach the sky, reminding them to lift their hands in praise. We hope the beautiful flowers will bloom each year reminding them of regeneration and it is the perfect reminder that no matter how difficult life may feel, there is a new season of rebirth right around the corner.
Fast shipping and beautiful results.
Came quicker than expected and was such an incredibly beautiful gift to be able to give someone in memoriam.
Verified Customer
Dear Gabriella,
Thank you for your recent purchase. We appreciate your business.
We are very delighted to know that we were able to meet your expectations with this special gift.
Wonderful gift to send instead of flowers to a funeral home
I have ordered twenty Magnolia Trees and always get the memorial plaque as is always so appreciated. However, the last time, I paid $65 for two day delivery from Fed Ex and it didn't come in time........I would advise people to order days in advance
Verified Customer
Hello Cecilia-
Thank you for your loyal business. We appreciate you!
We are so very honored to be a continued top choice in your kind and thoughtful gifts. I am certain the recipients are pleased with receiving such a special gift that will bring peace and love to their home. The planting of these meaningful trees will serve as a memorial and tribute to their dearly beloved for many years. With each tree that leaves our farm, we pay close attention to each detail and are always hoping to make the recipients feel the warm embrace of hugs, love and concern.
Although, FedEx is not currently guaranteeing their deliveries and we have tried to relay the information on our website, I apologize for this inconvenience and the delay of you last shipment.
Kindest Regards,
Wonderful memorial gift
Our very close friend recently lost her mother, whom we were all quite close with as well. We wanted to gift something very special, and this tree was absolutely perfect. We sent her the large magnolia Ann tree, and added the memorial plaque inscribed with her mother's name. We also separately purchased a garden stone with a beautiful message, and a soothing wind chime on a shepherd's hook. We wanted her to have a private and intimate spot to connect with her mother and reflect on their wonderful memories. The tree is as beautiful as her mother's spirit was! She was over the moon with the gift. I have purchased once before from this site and remain an extremely satisfied customer. I tell people about this company quite often. Thank you!
Verified Customer
Dear Jolene-
Thank you for the kind words in the review. We appreciate your business!
You went above and beyond for this extremely thoughtful memorial gift. This is absolutely beautiful for such a wonderful woman. This memorial garden is perfect I am certain, and will be able to deliver hope, peace and comfort. It is important to allow the waves of emotion that will come, the good days, the sad days, the bad days. Going to this special place to reflect and share will be so very helpful and therapeutic. We send our deepest and most sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers for continued healing.
Kind Regards,
Beautiful but broken
Sadly our tree arrived broken.
Verified Customer
Dear JC-
I am so sorry to hear that the tree arrived broken. We take a lot of measures to try and ensure a safe arrival of the trees and plants; Specially engineered boxes, bamboo stakes the height of the plant to help prevent crushing, extra fragile stickers and instructions on the box, watering nicely prior to shipping, double wrapping around the pot. However, not often, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, the delivery personnel do not always treat each tree as gently. Then again, the trees are pretty hardy and will usually bounce back.
If you have not done so already, please contact our office if you feel the tree is too damaged. We do have a guarantee on our products and we will discuss replacement.
We appreciate you and will do everything we can to try ensure your happiness and delight with our products and service.
Kind Regards,
Thank you
Seeds of Life is a fantastic experience I’ve used for many years. Their products are always put a smile on the recipients face no matter the situation. The entire process from ordering to delivery is well done and the plants never disappoint.
Craig Prouty05/04/2022
Verified Customer
Hello Craig-
Thank you for your recent purchase and taking the time to complete e review. We appreciate your business.
We are delighted to be a top choice in any of your thoughtful special gifts, for many different occasions. Planting a tree is such a beautiful way to give back to the Mother Earth and yet provide peace, comfort, a little joy or sunshine to the recipients. A gift that will continue to grow and be treasured, rather than a trinket that will collect dust or cut flowers that may fade and eventually die.
Kind Regards,
Memorial gift
I have given the gift of a memorial tree multiple times, it has been received with love and joy by each recipient. Seeds of life does a great job to send a product you will be proud of. I highly recommend a magnolia tree as a memorial gift
carrie f05/03/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Carrie -
These kind words you shared in the review are truly valuable. You, the customer, are the reason we continue to strive for excellence and look to always continue growing and improving. Your opinion is so very valuable .
Thank you for allowing us to have earned your loyal business. We appreciate you.
A tree planted as a memorial of someone special is the perfect and beautiful tribute that will live for generations to come. The Magnolia Ann great for the northern areas of the country and the Southern Magnolia are both great choices to honor those that are no longer with us on this earth.
We look forward to serving you again soon.
Kind Regards,
Perfect memorial gift. It looked healthy and well upon arrival. Recipient very happy with it.
Johane Bromley05/03/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Johane,
This is excellent news ! Thank you for sharing your experience in a delightful review. We appreciate your business.
We hope that this magnificent Magnolia Ann tree will continue to provide, peace, comfort and memories for many years to come.
Magnolia Ann
Seeds of Life did an amazing job of keeping us informed since the time we ordered was not ideal growing season and then delivered a beautiful tree to our dear friend who lost her mom in April
Verified Customer
Hello Laura-
Thank you for your recent purchase and taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate your business.
We take pride in our efforts to always strive for excellence. We are pleased to hear that we could meet your expectations.
May your friend continue to feel comfort and peace in this extremely difficult time of grief and loss to such a special person, her mom. We send our continued prayers, thoughts and condolences to her and the family.
Beautiful memorial
A group of friends ordered this magnolia tree as a memorial to another friend's father. The tree was shipped just in time to be planted and arrived in excellent condition. It appeared to be very healthy and robust and was much appreciated by the recipient. The card, which was sent several weeks earlier, created much anticipation of its' arrival. Our friend says that not only will it be a reminder of her dad after planting near his favorite lounging spot in her yard, but also of her very special lifelong friends. Thank you for such a lovely way to acknowledge a long and happy life. I intend to use this service again in the future.
Karen H05/03/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Karen -
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this this extremely special gift. We are honored and we appreciate your business.
We send our thoughts, prayers and condolences to your friend after the loss of her Father. May she sit with this memorial tree and talk to it knowing her father is there with her, sharing her dreams, encouraging her to be strong. May she find comfort and peace knowing that although he may not be on this earth with her, that her Father's legacy and memories will continue to grow with the magnificent Magnolia Ann tree.
Kind Regards,
Large Magnolia Tree
We lost a dear neighbor this Winter and we sent each of his sons a Magnolia tree. We hope they live and thrive like a Magnolia at their boyhood home. The trees were shipped at the appropriate time for planting.
Alan Shughart05/01/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Alan -
Thank your for completing a review. We appreciate your kind words and your business.
We know that you truly put a lot of thought into these special memorial gifts and we are very honored to have been chosen to spread your kindness. Knowing the boys had a magnolia tree in their childhood yard, we hope that they will have hope of happy memories. We hope that each of the magnolia trees will serve as the living memorial and tribute to the legacy of their dad for centuries to come. We send our condolences, thoughts and prayers during this time of healing.
A gift for her, but also special for us
This was a gift to a sweet coworker after the passing of her grandparent. She was so appreciative when the letter arrived, and my office staff that made the gesture was impressed with the shipping, tracking and delivery. We ordered during the winter so there was a wait for the growing season, but well worth it. The added touch of the memorial plaque made it truly special and the great-grands love to touch it and talk about him. The family loves it!
Lynn L.04/30/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Lynn-
Oh, how your kind words in this review, has touched my heart. Thank you for taking the time to complete a review and your recent purchase. We appreciate your business.
We truly hope that this beautiful trees serves as a living memorial for many generations to come. This tree is a perfect example of how we should live. I would like to share a poem.
Our Life is a tree...
All our relations and friends are the branches, our thoughts are like the flowers, the fruit of happiness that grows on this tree has the sweetness of character. We have roots at the bottom to help make us strong and flowers at the top. Without these, it is just a firewood, not a tree.
Through its intricate layout of branches, the tree represents a connection to family, these shared roots linking us to our past and future generations. The life of a tree can be seen to symbolize the growth of family - a tree sprouts from a seed and as it grows and branches out, it gives new fruit and flowers life to the next generation.
Life is not about what we have lost so far, It's about what we can still grow……
May their peace and hope grow, and the memories remain.
Extremely satisfied
This service is absolutely wonderful. A living memorial
Nathan Berry04/26/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Nathan-
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate your business. We hope to serve you again in the future.
Make it a great day!
It was a great ideal to give the tree as a memory tree on behalf of his mother they loved it ! Thank you
Verified Customer
Dear Kay-
Thank you for your recent purchase and the kid words in the review. We appreciate your business.
I am very glad to know that we have met your expectations and earned your business. We look forward to serving you again in the future.
Most meaningful gift
I’ve never been so proud of a gift as this one. I sent it to a girlfriend who lost her sister and she just couldn’t put into words how incredibly special this gift was and will continue to be as she will be reminded of her in a continuous way each season it blooms.
Carolyn Flyer04/22/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Carolyn -
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this extremely special gift. We appreciate your business.
We send our sincerest thoughts and prayers for her to feel at peace and have comfort. It will be difficult on many days, but it is important to enjoy the beautiful memories and feel the love as each beautiful flower on this tree blooms.
We are very honored to have made you proud.
Kindest Regards,
Thank you.
We have purchased the Magnolia Ann several times and the recipients always love them. What a beautiful idea instead of cut flowers for a funeral. The families who receive them have said how much joy it brings them when they bloom the next year.
Verified Customer
Dear Toni-
Thank your for your loyal business. We appreciate you!
The Magnolia Ann is a beautiful flowering small tree. The flowers meaning has been associated with the symbols of nobility, perseverance, and love. Soft and subtle in fragrance, yet strong in appearance, the truest representation of the beauty encompassing gentleness.
Thank you for allowing us to be a top pick in your choice to spread your kindness and share your thoughtful gift.
Kind Regards,
Excellent service. Will definitely use again. Swift delivery. No problems. Thank you
Verified Customer
Hello Chris-
Thank you for completing a review. We appreciate your business.
We are pleased to know that our commitment to excellence was able to earn your business and meet your expectations.
This was a memorial tree, and we send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the recipient, their family and friends during their time of loss and grief.
We look forward to serving you again.
Excellent quality products and great customer service!
I received this tree as a gift when I lost my father. I loved it so much that I ordered it for a friend in the same situation. Not only was the tree beautiful but I made a mistake in my order process and they handled all of my issues without any additional charge to me (which there should have been). I will order from you again for sure!!! 3 + years later my Father's tree has grown so much and is full and beautiful and every spring when it blooms I feel my father stopping back to say hello.
Verified Customer
Hello Doreen!
Thank you for the nice review you posted of the Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree you recently bought, and for your continued loyalty. We appreciate your business!
We send our deepest condolences, continued thoughts and prayers to you and your friend with the loss of your parent. May you be rescued on the days that grief floods your heart. May you eventually inhale deep joy in precious memories. May you lean into your friends and family as you take tiny steps toward the future and may your soul find comfort.
Thank you so much!
Trees are beautifully packaged and are excellent quality!
I have used Seeds of Life for quite some time. They have never disappointed me, or the people that I have sent their products to. The quality and care that they put into their products, while ensuring their customers are happy, is truly remarkable. This is my go to place!! Thank you for all you do.
Verified Customer
Hello Linda-
You are the exact reason we take such care in our products and customer service; you the customer. We aim to please and are always honored to be the choice for special gifts.
We appreciate your loyalty and continue to look forward to serving you.
Magnolia Tree
We ordered a magnolia for a friend who lost her son at an early age. You took our order and the tree and plaque was delivered the very next day. The tree was in great shape and the plaque was very nice. Awesome products and customer service. Thank you!!
Bucky Payne09/01/2021
Verified Customer
Dear Bucky-
Thank you for your business and kind words. We appreciate you taking the time to complete a review.
We send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to your friends and the loss of their sweet child. There is no other pain that can compare to that of a parent grieving the loss of their child. I am so sorry. I truly hope that your heartfelt gift will provide even just a small glimpse of peace, and comfort as it grows and strengthens.
A lasting memorial
The tree was shipped quickly. We did not see it, but received positive comments about it. A nice alternative to sending flowers.
new customer08/26/2021
Verified Customer
Good Day -
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate your business.
As a first time customer, I hope that we have earned your business in the future as well. We take such great pride in our products and know all the thought and choices you had prior to picking our family owned company. We hope this living memorial will last for years, if not decades to carry on memories and provide comfort to the recipient.
Thank you again.
Customer for Life
We ordered a magnolia memorial tree for a friend that lost a loved one. The tree arrived late and was damaged. I contacted Karen about my issue and it was one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever encountered. Karen understood my problem and quickly sent a replacement tree. I’m so happy with this company that I’m ordering another one today. Thank you Karen for your help. .
Thad Hymel07/30/2021
Lovely Memorial Tree
I bought this for my friend who lost her husband. She was overwhelmed with the gesture and extremely grateful for such a thoughtful gift of support.
Doria Smith07/26/2021
Verified Customer
Dear Doria-
Thank you for your business. We truly appreciate you taking the time to complete a review.
We truly send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to your friend during this tragic loss of her husband. I hope that she will see the beauty in the Magnolia Ann as it continues to grow and remember just how beautiful the love and memories her and her husband shared.
Very Pleased
I have a magnolia tree that was sent in memory of my brother. It is lovely! When a friends husband passed away I sent her a magnolia tree. It arrived quickly and was a beautiful tree. I highly recommend Seeds of Life.
Verified Customer
Hello Lynda-
Thank you for the nice review you posted of the Magnolia Ann tree you recently bought, and for your continued loyalty. We appreciate your business!
Thank you so much!
Beautiful Tree
The tree arrived on time and in great condition, and was bigger than I thought it would be. It was sent as a memorial tree and I was very pleased with it.
Verified Customer
Hello Lori-
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We always aim to provide the best quality product, and take extra care with packaging and shipping.
We hope that your thoughtful gift will be served as a long lasting wonderful living memorial to the recipient. Sending our thoughts and prayers as well during their healing process.
All the best
I've used them a couple times now and both times have been impressed with the products and their service. Highly recommend their memorial trees.
Verified Customer
Thank you Laura for your business.
We appreciate you and look forward to serving you again in the future.
Best Sympathy Gift to Give
I have used Seed of Life several times now and they never fail to impress me. Customer Service is always so helpful, shipping is fast and most importantly, the magnolia tree was packed well and looked great. I so love this option as opposed to sending flowers that end up thrown on a grave. This particular tree for my 99 year old Aunt's passing, will be planted in her late husbands garden for all to enjoy and remember her fondly.
Doreen Affsa06/14/2021
Verified Customer
Thank you Doreen for taking the time to complete a review . We appreciate your repeated business, and I am happy to advise that we are currently working on a Loyalty Program for customers as yourself.
Thank you for your kind words. We are sending you and your family peace and comfort, our thoughts and prayers.
All the best
Beautiful and heartfelt
The mangolia arrived in beautiful and careful condition. Highly recommended. Thanks again
Randy s05/31/2021
Verified Customer
Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. You and your business is appreciated.
We take pride in our products, and always try and send the absolute best quality. We continuously work with our nursery staff to improve and perfect the shipping/packaging process to ensure the product is handled with care.
Thank you again,
Perfect way to send someone love
A magnolia tree was a perfect way to send our condolences to a family who was grieving. I loved the idea of giving them something to plant and remember their loved one. Customer Service was fantastic when I needed help.
Verified Customer
A gift that touched their hearts!
We sent a magnolia tree with gift card to a family member who lost her sister and her daughter recently. As I was scrolling through the various tree options I was strongly drawn to order the pink magnolia though I knew little about them. I was so touched to find out that the magnolia tree had special meaning in their lives as the loved one who had passed adored magnolia trees! They felt it was a sign that she was okay and would watch over their daughter who died prior to this loss. It was a very much appreciated gift with more special meaning than we ever knew.
Janet Welch05/13/2021
Verified Customer
Nice service from Seeds of Life
Wonderful experience when we ordered a tree for a memorial. Everything went great! Will definitely do this again and would recommend it. Easy, easy!
Verified Customer
Fast shipping
Seeds of Life was quick in responding to my order and provided shipping information for me to track. I ordered on a Friday and the tree traveled from its origin in FL to VA by that same weekend (Sunday morning via FedEx). Fantastic! I will be sure to use Seeds of Life again in the future.
Verified Customer
Magnolia Tree
This was a wonderful option to send to the family in memory of their departed loved one. The tree arrived as indicated, in very good shape and will be a long lasting memory.
Irene Khouri05/05/2021
Special Gift
We sent this to our daughter and son-in-law when his grandmother passed. As new homeowners they have been adding to their landscaping and this was a perfect addition to what they’ve already done. The plant was actually much bigger than I even expected. They love it!
Debby Taylor05/03/2021
Verified Customer
Thank you
I ordered the Magnolia tree with wooden cross in memory of my beautiful aunt who passed away from covid this year. Hoping this brings comfort to her family as they see it bloom for many years to come. They said it was packaged beautifully, arrived during planting for their area/zone, and it will be treasured I am sure.
Darlene Baker05/03/2021
Verified Customer
Lovely Memorial Tree
Bought this for a dear friend whose very special grandfather passed away. She & her husband & young son loved it. They all planted it together in a special place in their yard. I also ordered the plaque & cross with her grandfather's name engraved on them & they were beautiful as well. It was the perfect way for their family to remember their wonderful grandfather.
Verified Customer
Thoughtful gift!
I have sent these to so many of my friends and family who have a dear lived one! They are always so touched by the thoughtfulness and are happy when they receive the tree! Every year they are reminded of their lives one when it blooms!
Lissa OHalloran05/01/2021
Verified Customer
Ann Magnolia
Thank you, we received this in memory of my mother-in-law ♡ the tree is absolutely beautiful 😍 we opened the box up not expecting it to be so nice and yet and it was .. I recommend buying trees from Trees of life, great memorial or for any other reason♡
Ruth Hartman05/01/2021
Verified Customer
In memory of Mom
In memory of My mother, my friends who really enjoyed her company sent me this gift certificate the tree arrived even larger than I expected and in great condition can’t wait to watch it grow and think of Mom
Verified Customer
Sympathy Tree for the loss of a Mom
My office manager's mom past away and instead of doing a bouquet of flowers that would die or a potted plant that her cats would eat...We thought this a much better choice. She was so happy when she got the Magnolia. Everything shipped when stated and customer service was quick to answer questions. Highly recommend.
Jennifer Newill04/26/2021
Verified Customer
Everlasting memory of love
A friend had lost her husband and I wanted something special for her to remember him by. She loved the magnolia tree. Seeds of Life you now have a continuing customer. Thank you
Kathy Reed04/25/2021
Verified Customer
Lasting Memory of Love
I sent the pink magnolia tree in memory of a friends husband. She absolutely loved the tree along with the small engraved tag. Thank you so much!! You have a very satisfied customer
Kathy Reed04/25/2021
Verified Customer
A Beautiful Gift
I received a Seeds of Life magnolia in memory of my dad last year and have given several to friends to commemorate the loss of their loved ones since. Every time I'm told that it was the gift that meant the most. It's a beautiful visual reminder that theses special people are still with us. Thank you!
Connie Richardson04/23/2021
Verified Customer
Gift for Bosses wife who lost her mother
As always, exceptional service with lots of Love infused with everything from the order being taken and filled to the delivery of it.
Lisa Mathews04/20/2021
Verified Customer
Sympathy gif
We gave a magnolia tree to a good friend who recently lost her brother. She was very touched and appreciated the thoughtful gift. She loved the idea of planting the tree in her brother’s memory.
Amy R.04/20/2021
Verified Customer
Large Magnolia Tree with inscribed tag
The tree was purchased for condolences to a colleagues.. Ordering was simple and the shipping was right on time. Beautiful condition and packaging. It brought much comfort. I will definitely purchase again when needed.
Verified Customer
Magnolia Tree for a friend
Shipping was incredibly fast. My friend was very touched by this tree.
Verified Customer
So Helpful During A Tough Time
When I was trying to pick out what to order, the customer service people answering the phones, helped me easily pick out options that would grow well in the areas I was sending the tree to.
Magnolia Ann tree
Ordered this beautiful tree for my friend due to her dad’s passing. She absolutely loved it and it got there within 2 days!
Pilar/Justin Clark10/11/2020
Verified Customer
Perfect Memorial Gift
The magnolia tree arrived in great health and beautifully packaged. The recipients loved it and it looks great in their yard. Ordering was simple and it arrived quickly. Thank you for the excellent customer service and quality product. We will be ordering from Seeds of Life again.
Verified Customer
Family Loved the Tree
A friend’s mother passed and her family loved the gardenia-it was her mother’s favorite!
Tomika Monterville09/16/2020
Verified Customer
it was the perfect gift for my friend after she lost her Dad. It came a couple days before expected and its beautiful! Thank you
Felicia Lovejoy08/30/2020
Verified Customer
Perfect Memorial Gift!
When our best friend’s elderly Mother passed, we thought a fitting remembrance would be a tree to serve as a constant visual reminder of her love. The fact that her name was Antoinette (Ann) made our selection of the Ann Magnolia Tree an even more perfect choice. The tree arrived strong, healthy and beautiful, and brought a smile to our friend’s face during a difficult time.
Susan DiVerniero and Liz Kiel08/28/2020
Verified Customer
Magnolia Memorial Tree Gift
This is the second memorial gift that I have sent to family members. Both parties were very touched by the gift, including the peronalized memorial tag. My only misgiving was that this recent gift arrived very "haggard" looking, since it inadvertently took a side trip to UT on its way from FL to MA! Consequently, shipping took 5 days vs. 3 days. Thankfully, the tree regained its vitality after watering and a couple of days in the sun, according to my daughter. I did give the purchase 5 stars, since it appears that Fed-Ex was the culprit!
Maryann D.08/14/2020
Verified Customer
Magnolia Ann Memorial tree
The Magnolia was lovely. We sent it to a friend who loss his mother.
Wanda Pennington08/10/2020
Magnolia Ann Tree - Large
I ordered a tree for my brother in law whose mother had just passed. You all delivered the tree 5 days after I ordred it. He was thrilled with our thoughtful gift and he said it arrived in great shape and was beautiful!! Thank you for your excellent service and making it so easy!!
Jeff Holtfreter08/07/2020
Verified Customer
Brown spots.
No where near as advertised. Tree arrived with brown spots on the leaves. Looks as if it's blight of some sort. With the small size of the plant and stress it's under I'm not sure how it will do. What few leaves are on the plant look as if they'll be dropping soon. Had several fallen/dead leaves in the box. Not thrilled at all.
Verified Customer
Dear Marie,
I am so very sorry your tree did not arrive in pristine condition. Everyone here on our team strives to grow and package beautiful trees that are just right for our customers. Clearly something happened to yours. We will ship a Large Magnolia Ann replacement tree today.
Can you please confirm the address for shipping? Again, I am sorry for our mistake.
Julie Roth
Beautiful memory tree
The medium magnolia tree was perfect. Arrival was on the date it was expected and my friend was touched by the memory tree.
Verified Customer
kimberly Mascarella07/06/2020
Verified Customer
beautiful memorial
I have now purchased the magnolia memorial tree for friends that have lost loved ones. They are so touched by the idea of planting a tree in memory. I received one and it was so touching unfortunately the deer ate it, so sad.
JoAnn H06/29/2020
Verified Customer
Magnolia Memorial Tree
This is the sixth tree I have sent to family and friends who have lost a loved one. The response is always one of great emotion. At a time when they are hurting, to receive such a beautiful tree seems to give them hope for better days. It's something to look forward to.
Cathleen A hyde06/29/2020
Verified Customer
Super fast shipping
We ordered for a friend who lost a loved one suddenly. The tree arrived in 2 days and was beautiful. Thanks for such great customer service and providing a special gift in someones darkest hour.
Verified Customer
A Very Nice Memorial Tree
Customer service was great...the Magnolia Ann arrived quickly...looked healthy and was appreciated by the the family...A nice touch with the card and engraved tag... I would highly recommend this company...
Verified Customer
Absolutely perfect!
This beautiful Magnolia was delivered as promised. On time and packaged perfectly. It was in great condition and just the perfect thoughtful gift we were hoping for. We will definitely be returning customers.
Adam Goldstein06/14/2020
Verified Customer
Replaced our tree.
We got our friend a magnolia Ann tree. It came dying and progressively got worse. Our friends took daily pics and sent them back to seeds of life and they promptly replaced it. Thank you.
Verified Customer
What a great product
I was really impressed with the way the magnolia tree was shipped so fast & was received in perfect condition. The recipient was so surprised & excited to plant her memorial tree. Excellent business. Shipped so fast during the pandemic & a public holiday. Impressed....
Kaye McCleary06/11/2020
Verified Customer
Above Expectations!
We were very pleased with our order. It was above and beyond what we expected. Thank You Seeds of Life for helping us express our love for others in their time of loss.
Keller Williams Alabama Gulf Coast06/09/2020
Verified Customer
Perfect memorial gift
I ordered the medium magnolia for a memorial when my friend’s daughter was killed tragically. The family loved this tribute for their daughter. I had received one myself, when I had a loss in my own family. It cme packaged very well, it’s a good size and it blooms twice a season.
Looked Good
I was told that it looked good .
Verified Customer
My nieces dad loved trees
I gave this to my niece for the passing of her dad. Her and my nephew live with their 4 kids on a beautiful property and I thought it would be awesome for them to plant and she could always remember him>
jamie Mealey06/06/2020
Verified Customer
Memory Gift
Great plant. Arrived in great condition. My friend loved it
Verified Customer
Memorial gift
I recently ordered a beautiful magnolia tree as a memorial gift. I accidentally sent it to the wrong address. The company very graciously and professionally helped me correct my careless mistake and resent the tree. My friend recieved the tree and was happy with it. It was in beautiful burlap wrap and in perfect condition. I can't wait to see it flourish. I would highly reccomend this company and will use them again.
Jenn martin05/30/2020
Verified Customer
Thoughtful Gift
The order shipped quickly and safely, and I couldn't ask for more than that! I ordered this as a sympathy gift for friends. They loved it, and said it arrived in great shape. This is a great idea for someone who may want to plant it in remembrance of someone they love.
Verified Customer
I had the Magnolia tree sent to a friend who had lost her father. The tree was so well received by her family. It’s a treasure to have something so long lasting that will always be a memory of her father. I appreciate the quick shipping and timely delivery.
Verified Customer
I purchased this for a neighbor who lost a parent due to COVID-19. They were not allowed to be at the funeral -the little tree was a perfect memorial for them you’re always have as a remembrance. It came perfectly packaged with a beautiful card and nameplate. They were comforted to have something that was so beautiful to look at it and remember their mom. I highly recommend purchasing from seeds of life and I personally will use them for my go to gifts
Christie C05/10/2020
Magnolia Ann
It wasn’t a small tree it is more like a twig with a branch I was very disappointed and did not think it was worth the price I paid
Mrs. S05/09/2020
Verified Customer
I am sorry about your tree. If you will send me your name and address, I will be happy to send a replacement for you.
We would like to make this right for you, Please let me know what plant or tree you would like.
Ann Magnolia
My dear friend was so excited to receive the Ann Magnolia. She said it was beautiful and she knew right where she would put it. She also loved the engraved tag. Your timing was perfect in getting it to her. Thank you!
Brenda Floyd05/02/2020
Verified Customer
Magnolia tree
I ordered a magnolia tree for a friend as a gift. It was delivered on time and beautiful. Exceptional service through out. Would recommend!!! You won’t be disappointed
Verified Customer
Highly Recommend
This is our 2nd purchase with the company. First was 2 dogwoods and now 2 Magnolia Ann trees. All came in great shape, healthy, good size, and well cared for. The company was a pleasure to work with. They made a small mistake on the delivery of one tree and within a day rectified it. They are very caring and great to deal with. I will definitely order from them again.
Verified Customer
Exceptioal service
I purchased 2 Large Magnolia Ann trees . One was for my friend who lost her husband in Montana. The other was for myself , who lost his best buddy & dog of 14 years. His name was Cody and his breed was a Papillon. My tree was touched by the cold weather and suffered freezing. Your service representative Bella was so understanding and mailed me a new tree. Thank you so much.
Verified Customer
Very Pleased!!!
This is my third purchased from Seeds of Life. Each time has been a great experience. This purchase was for my dear cousin after the death of her father, my uncle. She loved it and has picked a place to plant it.
Verified Customer
Exceptional Client Service
My siblings and I sent a large Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree to a family in memory of their brother's death. However, they were unable to plant a large tree in their yard due to homeowners association restrictions. They contacted Seeds of Life regarding this and was able to choose another item free of charge in addition to keeping the original tree. My siblings and I were so impressed with Seeds of Life's courtesy that we will only use them in the future!
Selena Hislop04/24/2020
Verified Customer
I received a large tree from a friend when my Mother passed away. It was absolutely my favorite memorial. It has been about 5 years and my tree is still beautiful and it remind me of the giver and my Mom daily. Perfect memorial gift.
Verified Customer
Beautiful Gift!
I ordered the Lg Magnolia Ann Tree as a sympathy gift. It was beautiful! My friend sent pictures of it & was very happy & appreciative. The packaging was also very nice. I had a great experience with the staff, as well. I accidentally ordered 2 on line & emailed the company about my mistake. They responded & took care of it immediately. Great experience with the product & company!
Very Pleased
I was pleased to see the Magnolia Ann I sent my daughter and SIL after their miscarriage arrived beautifully and sooner than the estimated delivery date. They planted it right away. I hope the development of the tree and the blooms are as timely and special. Thank you.
Verified Customer
Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree
This was beautiful and will provide a last memory for years to come, I was very concerned because I put the wrong zip code on the delivery order but the customer service was so quick to respond to my email and correct it that it didn’t delay the shipping at all. I will definitely be ordering more from this site
Verified Customer
Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree
This tree was sent to a friend and she was so touched by this memorial gift to be planted in memory of her son. She said it arrived in perfect condition and was beautiful. I decided to purchase this tree for her family after reading all of the wonderful reviews, and I would like to add another great review so others can enjoy this service as well.
Verified Customer
Magnolia Tree
This is my 4th SOL purchase, and each one has been nothing short of perfect for each recipient. Thank you so much for adding additional comfort and peace to the families and friends of mine who now can enjoy memories of their loved ones each time they look at their beautiful Magnolia trees!
Sharon F05/05/2019
Verified Customer
The Magnolia Ann Memorial Trees were sent to families of a dear friend. They were both very touched and love them. They also enjoyed the planning of planting it in just the right place for remembering their loved one.
Vicky Diller05/05/2019
Verified Customer
I sent this magnolia to a friend upon the death of her mother and I had sent several to others over the years. For the first time, I saw what it looked like when delivered. It looked nothing like the picture - it was basically two tall empty branches with withered leaves on the top. I was very disappointed because I had long thought this was a wonderful way to honor a loved one and bring comfort to their family. Now, I will have to rethink this option.
Karen Davis05/04/2019
Verified Customer
Hi Karen,
I am very sorry to hear the Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree arrived in such poor condition. Everyone here on our team takes care in growing and shipping a tree that exceeds your expectations.
Clearly something went wrong with your order and will be happy to ship a new tree to your friend.

Please let me know if this is possible.
Thank you,
Julie Roth
Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree
When I received this tree 5 yrs ago when my father passed I was so touched and think of him every time. My co-workers father just passed and I sent this same type of tree to her and she was so grateful to have a remembrance tree to plant in memory of her father. She couldn't thank me enough. I showed her pictures of my tree today and how beautiful it blooms. Very hardy tree. Mine blooms a few times from spring to Oct. From ordering to shipment - easy process. thank you all!
Brenda K of PA05/04/2019
Verified Customer
Beautiful Gift and Prompt Shipping
The recipients very much loved the tree and thought it was such a wonderful gift. They thought it was such a unique gift that they will remember their child through the tree. The shipping was very quick. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Verified Customer
I had to call and have my Memory Tree re-routed because my family had moved just a few days before I got the notice of shipment. I called the customer support line and they were able to get the tree to the correct place and it was really simple. Thank you! I'd recommend these folks to anyone.
Verified Customer
Order and delivery process were both quick. The client very much appreciated the gift and planted promptly
Verified Customer
Beautiful Remembrance
We received this beautiful plant in memory of my father 4 years ago. It is thriving and is a lovely remembrance.
Traci R.03/19/2019
Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree
As a returning customer of Seeds of Life, I have always been very pleased with the memorial trees that have fulfilled my orders. The most recent was a Magnolia Ann which arrived healthy and beautiful. The recipient was so overwhelmed with pleasure. Her mother was an avid gardener so the memorial tree with the engraved tree tag was the perfect gift. Sending a gift of a special tree to a dear friend or loved one just feels right. A memorial to show the strength, endurance and beauty of a loved ones life is so heartwarming. Flowers will die too quickly but one of these beautiful trees will be a special gift that should last for years to come. I will also add that the lemon trees are amazing also. It just so happens the friend I sent one to in memory of her Dad was the perfect gift. She said that her Dad loved lemons so she was so excited when the tree arrived with baby lemons already on it. Thank you, Seeds of Life for making my loved one feel so special. And for the beauty of the trees that you send. I am a very happy customer. Sheila
Sheila Richerson10/30/2018
Verified Customer
Magnolia Tree gift of a memorial
We sent this to a dear friend in memory of his mother. It arrived to their home safely, in a reasonable amount of time, and beautiful (according to the receiver). I was very pleased to hear, that they were wanting to now send one to their sister also. Great thought and gester.
Karri Gradolph08/27/2018
Verified Customer
Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree
I have sent this memorial tree to several friends that have lost loved ones. They all arrived just as shown and were very nice. All of the recipients and I were very impressed with the quality and size of the tree and it has become a beautiful lasting memory of their loved ones that they can see daily.
Verified Customer
In memory magnolia tree
Product was exactly as described. The large tree was very large and arrived already blooming. The recipient was very, very appreciative!!
Verified Customer
Beautiful Memorial
Our team purchased this tree in memory of another co-worker. We were informed that it was beautiful. The family said they will treasure it.
Verified Customer