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Olive Tree Sympathy Gift

Olive Tree Sympathy Gift
Purchase Olive Tree Sympathy Gift
  • Olive Tree Sympathy Gift

  • $58 - $87

  • Tree Size:

    Enjoyed around the world for its unique teardrop leaves and delicious fruit, the Olive Tree makes an incredibly special sympathy gift. While its delicate beauty is hard to beat, we also love the Olive Tree because it symbolizes peace, wisdom and tranquility. Our Olive Tree has been known to help foster peace and tranquility in even the most difficult times, which is why it makes a special memorial gift.

    Care instructions and a personalized gift card are included with each gift tree.


    Arrival Starting:

    Upon purchasing this gift tree, a beautiful hand written pre-order notification card will be mailed to the recipient immediately. This announcement will notify them of the gift tree scheduled to start arriving by . The warm spring temperatures provide a wonderful planting environment that will allow this tree to thrive.

    Another hand written gift card with your personal message will accompany the gift tree during the designated spring shipment date.

    Add Gift Card Message
    A thoughtful gift card is included with each purchase. Write your personalized message below.
    (250 character limit)
    Add Personalized Engraved Tag  
    Same Day Engraving. This unique engraved tag provides a memorial keepsake with your gift tree or plant and helps identify the meaning behind your gift. Tag is 2" x 3.5" and comes affixed to a 17" stake. Please write your personal message in the space below. If you order prior to 1:00 pm it will accompany your gift tree order today!
    In Memory Engraved Tree Tag
    (50 character limit)
    Add Laser Engraved Olive Cross  

    The olive cross is hand carved from genuine olive wood in Bethlehem and provides a memorial keepsake with your gift tree or plant. This unique pocket cross fits comfortably into the palm of your hand to provide comfort during your time of prayer.

    Size: 2 ¼ x 4 inches.

    Engraved Olive Cross
    (30 character limit)
Cannot Ship to
Full Sun
Mature Height
20-40 ft
Provide food for birds and other animals
Olives are a symbol of peace and friendship, and this tree will be a great way to remember a special lost loved one. These trees can grow up to 25 feet tall and love full sunlight. This can also be grown indoors or outdoors, making it versatile, as it keeps foliage year round. Each gift tree is beautifully packaged in a 100% natural jute bag with an accompanying hand-tied ribbon.

Care Information

General Care

Watering: Water every 4-5 days Sun: Olives need at least 6 hours of full sun. Prune: You should prune your olive trees in late Spring early Summer, before flowering. Most new growth will be produced from the pruning cuts.

Planting Guidelines

Olive trees need a sunny spot and well-drained soil. Dig a hole the size of your olive trees container size. Avoid adding fertilizer, or any organic material. Simply plant in the soil and backfill with the same soil you took out.

Winter Care

Olives are not very cold hardy. Bring indoors before temperatures fall toward freezing. You can take your olive tree back outdoors once it is warm.

Potting & Container

Olive trees can be kept in containers/pot. They are very adaptable and drought tolerant. Best time to start growing olive trees in a container is in the Springtime. If transplanting, use well-draining rocky soil. Preferably use a wood or clay pot for planting. Place the pot/container in an area that receives at least 6 hours of full sun. Do not overwater - it is better to water too little than too much.

Beautiful Olive Tree!
We sent the larger olive tree to our friends and the tree was beautiful! Quick delivery. Very impressed. I will definitely recommend and use again!
Dear Reagan,
Thank you for your recent purchase. We appreciate your business.
The Olive Tree symbolizes peace, wisdom and tranquility and we are so very honored to represent that in the quality of our products. May the recipient find peace and comfort in your gesture. Sending our best condolences.
Kindest Regards,
Reagan C10/13/2021
Verified Customer
Olive Tree
Wonderful Olive Tree! It Shipped quickly & looked beautiful & healthy & as pictured on website! We have gifted this olive tree to several friends who’ve lost loved ones & they’ve been so touched.
Dear Jennifer
Thank you for your recent order. We appreciate your business.
I am sure that you are already member, but if not, just a friendly reminder to join our recently launched loyalty program to earn rewards and discounts.
We are very honored to be a top choice for your thoughtful gifts. Our Olive Tree has been known to help foster peace and tranquility in even the most difficult times. We love hearing that our products can be a small piece of comfort to the recipients.
We send our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of those you have sent this beautiful Olive tree to and may this serve as a memorial for many years to come.
Verified Customer
Olive tree
My family loved the tree! It arrived healthy and beautiful!
Dear Valued customer-
Thank you for your business and taking the time to complete a review.
One of the most well-known symbolic connotation for the olive tree is peace. The olive tree is a symbol of peace and friendship dating back to ancient Greek mythology. May the recipients feel peace and comfort in your thoughtful gift.
Thank you
Verified Customer
Beautiful tree
Very beautiful tree. Such a nice tree to plant in memory of our special loved one!
Dear Connie-
Thank for taking the time to complete a review. We appreciate you.
As a symbol of peace, wisdom and tranquility, we hope that this beautiful and elegant olive tree will be a living memorial for years to come. We send our thoughts, condolences and prayers for comfort.
Verified Customer
lovely tree
Beautiful tree and amazingly fast shipping. I love to see it on our lanai.
Dear Valued Customer-
Thank you for your business. We appreciate you completing a review.
We are so very delighted to hear that we were able to meet your expectations. The olive tree is delicate and its beauty is hard to beat. It symbolizes peace, wisdom and tranquility and sitting in your lanai is absolutely perfect way to remind you of this.
May you be comforted and feel peace as you enjoy it growing.
Warmest regards,
L. Vardaman09/29/2021
Verified Customer
The Perfect Gift and Reminder
When my sister passed, someone gave me a magnolia tree from this company. It meant so much to me. Every year when it blooms, I celebrate my sister. As the years go by and the tree grows, I imagine my sisters roots being planted in heaven. My family comes over and each time they walk outside to see her tree! I have even moved and taken the tree with me! Definitely hardy tree! Now... when someone passes... I send their family an Olive Tree with the Bible Verse... "But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God" Psalm 52:8 and I know what a treasure it will become.. a blessing.
Jami Jennings09/22/2021
Amazing Quality
Seeds of Life never disappoints! Beautiful living tributes to comfort people during painful losses.
Dear Valued Customer-
We thank you for your business and appreciate that you took the time to complete a review.
We are very honored to be a top choice for your thoughtful gifts. As we always strive to provide the best quality products and customer service, we are pleased to know that we are able to exceed your expectations.
As a friendly reminder, I hope that you are now a participant in our recently launched loyalty program. We look forward to serving you in the future.
Kind Regards,
C Guerra08/08/2021
Verified Customer
Memorial tree
Excellent customer service and selection
Verified Customer
Just beautiful
I was so impressed when I saw the tree at my sister’s house. It was beautiful, and she told me that having a living reminder of her mother in law was such a special touch. Will definitely order again.
Jen Diaz04/09/2021
Verified Customer
Great memorial.
It was a beautiful thought. It came quickly and it was a great size.
Verified Customer
Perfect gift for grieving friends
I had 2 very close friends lose their fathers in a week of each other. It was so hard and I just wanted to give them something special to remind them of their sweet daddy’s. They both cried when I gave it to them. They were so touched. One said it would grow with the sweet memories of her dad. So special.
Verified Customer
So Special!
My friend that received the olive tree was deeply moved by the tree and the meaning. Absolutely wonderful service and gift!
Cheryl G01/18/2021
Verified Customer
Thought and memorable
I gave this as a gift to 2 school age girls and they were absolutely thrilled. It’s a sincere way to let someone know you are thinking of them. Delivered within a few days of ordering!
Verified Customer
Beautiful gesture
I got this for a friend whose father passed away. I wanted something that felt respectful and sort of be in memoriam, rather than a bouquet that wouldn’t last. He reached out to let me know it was so beautiful and he really loved it. I think because olive trees are symbolic of life but also peace, it’s the perfect condolence gesture.
Verified Customer
Olive tree in memory of my friends dad
Beautiful plant delivered fast!
Wendi Santavicca11/13/2020
Verified Customer
Beautiful gift
Such a profound memorial gift. The recipient was very touched. Delivery was timely, too. A zone map on the website will complete the appropriateness of this gift for everyone.
Verified Customer
Amazing product every time!!!
Their products are amazing every time. I have ordered more than a dozen for varying occasions, every time it is perfect. Customer service is incredibly responsive if you have any questions. I highly recommend Seeds of Life.
Stephanie Sapp09/26/2020
Verified Customer
It was a lovely gift. My Aunt loved the idea of a living memorial for her daughter. The only complaint I have is that I wish there was a disclaimer on what climate the tree can live in. Olive trees die in Texas. They’ve decided to keep it in a pot so they can bring it in during the winter. Just a little blurb about the ideal growth climate. I would have ordered another tree better suited for the weather.
Hello Jamie,
I am sorry that your recipient received a tree that was not good for their climate. We are currently working on a new website that will have zoning maps for each tree. I will be happy to send your recipient another tree or plant that is good for their area. Please let me know.
Jamie Franks07/11/2020
Verified Customer
Lasting sympathy gift
I have ordered the Olive Tree for a number of friends who have lost loved ones. It is a deeply meaningful gift, and a living symbol of their loved one. The recipients were extremely touched and grateful to have a beautiful and lasting gift in honor of their family member. I will use Seeds of Life anytime the I need a special gift. And the customer service is excellent.
Christie Barajas06/22/2020
Verified Customer
Meaningful and Lasting
The most recent order I placed was as perfect as all previous orders. It arrived in excellent condition exactly when expected. The trees are a perfect token of sympathy for those who have a place for them and express love for years to come. People really appreciate the personalized engraved tags. Seeds of Life is my go to when I want to offer heartfelt condolences. Thank you.
Chris Rehl06/19/2020
Verified Customer
Well received
This tree was loved by my cousin whose mother passed away. The family's Greek heritage made an olive tree an especially appreciated remembrance of her mom. The delivery went smoothly, and I received emails that allowed me to track the gift. I would use this company again.
Verified Customer
Best Sympathy Gift
When my Daddy died three years ago, a friend sent me a Seeds of Life olive tree with the plague in memory of...... This olive tree has given me so much comfort over the last three years. And the plague is still beautiful. An olive tree stands for peace and comfort. And looking at it every day on patio brings just that. For two years it actually grew olives! I have ordered 5 olive trees for friends since then that have a lost a parent. Each friend is always so touched and comforted especially with the plague.
Peggy Ealand05/02/2020
Verified Customer
Sympathy Gift
Wonderful sympathy gift! I received one three years ago when my mom passed away. Knew it was the perfect gift to get for an employee.
Verified Customer
Great Sympathy Gift
My cousin lost her daughter to cancer. She loved this living memory of her daughter
Carol Koch06/17/2019
Verified Customer
Olive Tree
We sent this to our family members that lost their baby girl at 32 weeks. The family loved the tree and planted it in their yard so they have a spot to remember sweet Gabriella.
Verified Customer
I live in freezing cold Montana
I should have waited to order my tree and plant until warmer weather. I received a gift certificate from a friend when my father recently passed away. I was so excited to have a live memorial to look at and remind me of my Dad. I ordered the tree and plant right away and should have waited until the weather was better. We are having below 0° temperatures up here so when I received the packages, the soil was completely frozen solid in both plants. My plan is to keep both plants indoors. The customer service was great when I called. They told me to wait a couple weeks to see if they come back. If not, they would send me new replacement plants when the weather got warmer. Great customer service! I’m still waiting to see if the plants improve. The Olive tree is doing a little better than the gardenia plant but they are both struggling. I think this was my favorite gift of sympathy I received and because of the awesome customer service and guarantee, either way, I will have a tree and plant to memorialize my Dad.
Tiffany Rauch02/26/2019
Verified Customer
I received a Magnolia Tree a couple of years ago when my Father-In-Law died It is Just beautiful& we see it and always will remember him.. so when My friend lost there Mom I sent the Olive Tree. They could not express how wonderful they felt knowing they will have this remembrance of Her...Also I have sent to my Son & Daughter in law a Magnolia tree for the Birth of our Grandson. Another beautiful occasion to remember..Your company and Products are so wonderful. And spiritual.
Verified Customer
Olive Tree Sympathy Gift
This was a wonderful way to commemorate a dear friend's mother. She appreciated it and I was so thankful to have an appropriate way of expressing my condolences.
Mary B White01/08/2019
Verified Customer
Beautiful gift for a tribute
My dear friend lost her mom, and I did not get a chance to send flowers for the services in time. So I discovered this beauty, and it was waiting for her when she returned home. She called me with tears of appreciation and joy since it was there to remember her sweet mom, and is also the symbol of peace and friendship. (If I didn't live in a climate where I am lucky enough to have one outside in my yard, I'd order one for me!)
E Lynch10/29/2018
Verified Customer
Olive tree
Ordered an olive tree in memory of a young man. I had never really thought of it before but I received one a few years ago when my mother passed away. To this day the tree is beautiful and thriving. I asked the person where she had gotten that and she gave me your link. I called and ordered and sure enough I received the package and the tree is very nice. the name tag added a special sincerity to the tree. Thank you!
Nancy Guenther09/24/2018
Verified Customer
Olive tree
My friend who lost her mother was very pleased with the tree. She said she'll pour some of her mom's ashes at the roots so her mom's nutrients can feed the tree. Very special.
Patricia Woodley07/16/2018
Verified Customer
three olives
I received my little olive trees perfect and completely unharmed despite the delivery person not reading this side up right. The package was wrapped so well not even a single piece of dirt was in the box, and they were beautiful plants. The soil was still moist. Perfect and makes me happy to water them.
We are so happy to hear the olive plants bring you joy! -The Magnolia Company
Jack B.R. Jones05/07/2018
Verified Customer