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Just Because Magnolia Ann Tree

Just Because Magnolia Ann Tree
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  • Just Because Magnolia Ann Tree

  • $85 - $105

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    Beloved for its fuchsia, cup-shaped flowers, the Magnolia Ann tree brings a little bit of joy wherever it goes. Its yearly spring bloom is a reminder of renewal and rebirth. Since every day is a chance for a new beginning, the Magnolia Ann tree makes a wonderful gift any day of the year—just because.

    Care instructions and a personalized gift card are included with each gift tree. (NO Shipping to the following states: CA, AK, HI, PR)

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    CA, AK, HI, PR


    Arrival Starting:

    Upon purchasing this gift tree, a beautiful hand written pre-order notification card will be mailed to the recipient immediately. This announcement will notify them of the gift tree scheduled to start arriving by . The warm spring temperatures provide a wonderful planting environment that will allow this tree to thrive.

    Another hand written gift card with your personal message will accompany the gift tree during the designated spring shipment date.

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Please Note: Working with God's creation, we can't guarantee our plants and trees will be blooming during the time of shipment. Depending on the time of year and the varying temperatures around our country, the blooms may have already occurred or may yet to come.
Full Sun
Mature Height
10-15 ft with 10' spread
Purple-red color, Blooms April to May
Dark green
Great landscape specimen
This beautiful magnolia tree will display an abundance of lavender colored blossoms in the early spring and again in mid summer. A great selection for northern climates. This tree will grow to become a rounded, thick tree to a maximum of 13' tall and approximately 10' wide. Each gift tree is beautifully packaged in a 100% natural jute bag with an accompanying hand-tied ribbon.

Care Information

General Care

Watering: Water 1-2 times a week. Especially when young, the soil should be kept moist. During hot or dry months, you may need to water more than once a week. Sun: Full sun is the ideal condition for the Magnolia Ann. Pruning: You can prune your Magnolia Ann immediately after it blooms. You can maintain your Magnolia as a small shrub if desired. Pruning is not required for the health of this tree.

Planting Guidelines

Plant your Ann Magnolia in a spot in your yard that receives full sun. The Ann magnolia grows in acidic, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, silty loam and well-drained soils. Plant in a hole twice as wide but just as deep as the root ball. Add a thick layer of mulch around the tree.

Winter Care

If not already planted into the ground, keep in a pot/container. The Magnolia can be kept indoors until ready to plant in early Spring. Keep in an area of full sun, water as needed. Magnolia Ann will lose all leaves in fall/winter. It blooms early in spring, when the trees are still bare.

Potting & Container

Magnolia Ann's can be grown in a container and transplanted into the ground in late winter/early spring. If keeping in a container, use a 3 gallon for the first 6-12 months. Increase container size as tree grows. Container-grown plants should be transplanted in spring or fall, mulched, fertilized at planting, and well-watered. Avoid fertilizing the tree during its slowest time of growth in fall and winter. Continued watering and mulching is required for successful establishment.

5/5 Stars out of 4 Reviews
Great experience
(UK) • August 31st, 2023
Verified Customer
My UK colleague and I recently purchased a tree for a US colleague and dear friend who was leaving. We’d all worked together for 8 years so we wanted to get her something special. It’s hard when not in the same country but when I found this website and the options available I was pleasantly surprised. Once purchased the communication on its delivery was excellent and she was really happy with her surprise delivery. The Magnolia Tree was in good nick when it arrived and she is looking forward to finding a home for it. Will use this company again.
Hello Elaine,
Thank you for taking the time to complete a survey. We truly appreciate your business.
We hope this Magnolia Ann tree helps your friend remember all the special memories that you spent together. Friendships like that are never meant to be forgotten.
We are honored to be a part of such a special gift for a dear friend.
We look forward to serving you again in the future.
Very pleased customer
May 2nd, 2021
Verified Customer
My gift was received and very much appreciated by the recipient. Customer service was very responsive to my questions. I look forward to ordering from them again!
Magnolia Tree
June 8th, 2020
Verified Customer
I just love this company! I first learned about it when I received the most touching and heartwarming gift of a Dogwood tree after my husband passed. I must have shed a bucket of tears when I realized what it was! Since then I have sent 3 trees for various reasons; one to honor the memory of a friend and colleague’s son. They have each been received with the most positive emotions and each sapling is doing really well. The trees arrive within days of ordering and are beautifully packaged and still well hydrated. I love the plaque that one can send along with the tree. I only wish more could be engraved on it. These gifts touch the heart; the name of the company really embodies the mission: Seeds of Life. I have to say that the tree I received for my husband is flourishing. It is one of my most prized and special possessions. Thank you Seeds of Life. You are a remarkable company.
Beautiful tree
May 19th, 2020
Verified Customer
The tree was beautiful and shipped quickly. My mother loves it. A wonderful and thoughtful gift.
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