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In Sympathy Fruitful Fig Gift Tree

In Sympathy Fruitful Fig Gift Tree
Purchase In Sympathy Fruitful Fig Gift Tree
  • In Sympathy Fruitful Fig Gift Tree

  • $74

  • Tree Size:
    Approx. 36" - 40" Tall

    As one of the oldest fruits enjoyed by humans, figs have a symbolic story in our world. Important to many world religions, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism, figs have been a symbol of fertility, peace, and prosperity throughout these cultures. As a peace-bringing plant, the fig tree makes a one of a kind memorial gift.

    Care instructions and a personalized gift card are included with each gift tree. (NO Shipping to the following states: CA, AK, HI, PR)


    Arrival Starting:

    Upon purchasing this gift tree, a beautiful hand written pre-order notification card will be mailed to the recipient immediately. This announcement will notify them of the gift tree scheduled to start arriving by . The warm spring temperatures provide a wonderful planting environment that will allow this tree to thrive.

    Another hand written gift card with your personal message will accompany the gift tree during the designated spring shipment date.

    Is this a gift? Click to Add Gift Card Message
    A thoughtful gift card is included with each purchase. Write your personalized message below. Please include your name if you'd like recipient to know who your gift is from.
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    Add Personalized Engraved Tag  
    Same Day Engraving. This unique engraved tag provides a memorial keepsake with your gift tree or plant and helps identify the meaning behind your gift. Tag is 2" x 3.5" and comes affixed to a 17" stake. Please write your personal message in the space below. If you order prior to 12:00 pm it will accompany your gift tree order today!
    In Memory Engraved Tree Tag
    (50 character limit)
    Add Laser Engraved Olive Cross  

    The olive cross is hand carved from genuine olive wood in Bethlehem and provides a memorial keepsake with your gift tree or plant. This unique pocket cross fits comfortably into the palm of your hand to provide comfort during your time of prayer.

    Size: 2 ¼ x 4 inches.

    Engraved Olive Cross
    (30 character limit)
Cannot Ship to
Full Sun
Mature Height
20 ft
Brown Fruit
Bright Green
The Brown Turkey Fig has large dark green leaves and a fruit that is delicious and can be used in many recipes. It will produce large quantities of sweet and soft skinned fruit that can be used to make dishes and jams full of flavor. Each gift tree is beautifully packaged in a 100% natural jute bag with an accompanying hand-tied ribbon. This tree will serve as a memorial to honor that special someone. This tree likes to be in the sunlight.

Care Information

General Care

Watering: Fig Trees generally need around 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week, either from irrigation or rain. Sun: Six hours full sun Pruning: Prune your fig tree during the dormant winter season. Remove any nongrowing, dead, or diseased branches

Planting Guidelines

When planting your fig tree, place it in an area that receives at least six hours of sunlight. Dig your hole two to three times the root ball size and loosen the roots as you place it in the hole. Backfill any dirt, tap down gently and water.

Winter Care

Prune your tree during winter. Remove any dead, diseased, or weak branches. Place a thicker layer of mulch around base. For winter protection you can build a cage or covering around your tree. This can be removed in early spring.

Potting & Container

When you�re planting Fig Trees in a container, transfer the plant from its shipped container to a new pot. The container should be twice the size of the root ball, leaving room for establishment, and should have drainage holes on the bottom. Ensure you water well to settle the roots and help establishment.

Arrived perfect!
The tree was a healthy tree beautifully presented. I bought it for my parents and they told me it was such a thoughtful gift. It already has a home in their garden.
Verified Customer
Dear Allie -
Thank you for your recent order and the kind words in the review. We appreciate your business.
We are so very delighted to hear that this special gift was received well by your parents. I know they are proud of you and your kind and thoughtful ways. They raised such an amazing daughter!
We look forward to serving you again.
Kind Regards,
Love it!
I received this tree as a gift upon my father's passing. I love that it is a reminder of his life. The quality of the tree is fantastic as well.
Tom Thompson04/25/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Tom -
We thank you for your kind words in the review.
We send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to you and family as you grieve the loss of your father. The man who taught you to be respectful, to be kind but yet strong, to be determined but humble has now left this earth. He is still with you. He loved you for all of his life and will continue to guide you for the rest of yours. May his legacy continue.
Best gift!
I sent this fig tree as a sympathy gift and she was so happy to receive it to honor her husband's memory and called it her best gift. The picture she sent me of it looked beautiful and it was wrapped and delivered with care. The olive wood cross engraved with his name was so special to give and to receive. I will highly recommend your company to many people and am so glad I found you. Thanks for your great care!
Angie Morris04/13/2022
Verified Customer
Dear Angie-
We are so glad that you found us. We appreciate your business and are very honored to have earned your trust. Thank you for your kind words in the review.
Sending our deepest thoughts, condolences, and prayers to the recipient. We hope that this fig tree will not only serve as a living memorial to her beloved husband but a beautiful reminder of the treasured memories, all the laughter and tears they shared, a healthy place to construct and escape the grief. Then when it bears fruit, may she be able to create a recipe to include the tasty fig.
Wonderful Gift!
Gave this to beautifully presented tree to my neighbor. After a severe ice storm, all that remained was a tiny stick out of the ground. She was going to pull it up, but decided to leave it. This summer she sent a photo of a lush tree covered with figs! What a wonderful remembrance gift. Love it.
Verified Customer
Dear Dana-
Thank you for the kind words in the review.
We do in fact have a 6 month guarantee on our trees, and would've replaced this tree had we needed.
However, I am absolutely elated to know that this fig proved through determination and patience it can remain strong and grow. This will now solidify the wonderful memories of their loved one no matter how hard it can be some days. Coping with the loss may be one of the hardest challenges that many of us face, but to remain strong and bear a fruit (a small piece of happiness) this tree will now be the best living memorial and role model for encouragement. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. We appreciate you.
Beautiful & Timely
The fig tree was delivered so quickly and in perfect condition. The recipient was thrilled and has since replanted the tree and it is thriving. I will absolutely use Seeds of Life again to send condolences and honor those who have passed.
Verified Customer
Dear Dani-
Thank you for your business and taking the time to complete a review.
We are very delighted to know that we can provide a lasting memorial and hope this fig will bring comfort and grace in watching it grow and flourish.
Thank you