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Seeds of Life Guarantee

Before leaving our farm much care has been taken to make sure each gift tree is healthy, vigorous and ready to thrive. We nurture each tree because we understand the great importance and meaning these legacy these trees hold in the live's of our clients. We guarantee all gift trees or seed planting sent within the previous six months. Our professional staff will also strive to answer any questions to ensure the successful growing experience with our legacy trees.

Care Information

Thank you for ordering one of our seeds of life tree kits. The high quality tree seeds we provide will make it easy to grow a living tree. These trees have been selected according to your zip code to ensure that it is a tree which can thrive in your growing zone.

With the help from collectors across the country, we acquire the tree seeds that are native to all growing regions throughout America. At our farm we select out the very best tree seeds and prepared them for future sprouting. Step by step we provide the proper care to make sure they sprout into a seedling for you to cherish. Just prior to sending your shipment we check your seed package again and verify that it is just about ready to sprout into a seedling.

Instructions for Gable Gift Boxes:
Please follow the directions below to make your planting experience is a success, the directions below are created for a container planting. The number one rule is just to make sure your seed is moist at all times. Do not let them dry out and they will germinate into a seedling.

  1. Plant seeds immediately upon arrival in the container provided or place the seed in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 weeks until you are ready to plant your container. Please do not let your seeds freeze.

  2. Fill the provided container ¾ of the way full with the soil provided.

  3. Carefully open the top and bottom of your clear seed box which contains the seed grouping.

  4. Push out the entire grouping of moss and seeds, keeping it held together. Place the grouping on top of the soil, which is only ¾ of the soil in the container. Your seed may be cracked and/or have roots growing out of the bottom-this is good! Keep the seed in the same direction so that it is not placed upside down. If a few roots break off when transferred, do not worry, they will regenerate. Fill in the remaining space around the seed grouping with the last ¼ of the soil in the bag. Top off the container with the decorative moss. Push aside enough moss so you can see the acorn lying in the container. It’s fun to watch the seedling
    sprout out of the seed.

  5. An important rule – PLEASE KEEP SOIL MOIST AT ALL TIMES!!! One half cup of water every three days should be enough. If you see water running out of the container it is ok, however do not over-water your seedling every time. Remember – roots need oxygen and roots can not breath if they are underwater.

  6. Once your seedling has sprouted you can continue growing your seedling indoors for 45-60 days. Some natural light, like a south facing window, will help your seedling grow. As your tree grows and fills out the container with a greater root mass it will need additional water.

After your seedling has sprouted it is fine to let it grow out indoors until you are ready to plant it in an outdoor environment. A little natural light will help, but not necessary for the growth of your baby tree. An indoor space around a widow will provide enough natural light.

After your seedling is has grown in the container supplied for 90-120 days your tree might be 7 – 10 inches tall and it might be ready to transplant it into and area outdoors to receive more sunlight. If you live in any Northern climates, just make sure your newly sprouted seedling is moved outdoors only when you are past damaging winter temperatures and the time of year is during or past your spring thaw. In southern climates a year round planting schedule is possible.

Instructions for Gift Trees / Wedding Seed Favors:

There are two planting options for your seedling.

  1. Step up your seedling in a larger container or plant it directly in the ground.

Container planting directions:

  1. Pick out a container measuring 10” in diameter or 3 gallons in volume. These would be approximately the same soil volume. Use a general tree/shrub planting mix to achieve optimal drainage and water retention and partially fill the container with the planting media.

  2. Holding the roots and soil together gently turn the container upside down and slide the seedling out of the container. If the root system has loose dirt use both hands to prevent the roots and soil from falling apart.

  3. Plant the seedling so the soil level in the old container matches the soil level in the new container. This way you can make sure that the seedling is not planted too deep or shallow.

  4. Keep moist and move into partial sun.

  5. After your seedling is established, a very light application of a general purpose fertilizer will aid in the growth of your tree. Read the recommended rate and do not over fertilize your tree. It is possible to over winter the containerized tree on a front porch, just check periodically to make sure the soil is slightly moist. At this point the tree will have lost all of its’ leaves and will be in a dormant state. The tree will be ready for planting the following spring.

In ground planting directions:

  1. Pick a spot that is at least 20 feet away from any overhead utility lines or any other
    overhead obstruction.

  2. Dig a hole 1.5 times the diameter of the current root system. Roots love to breath and you can give them more oxygen by turning up the surrounding top soil beyond the dug hole. Loosening this compacted soil will allow more oxygen to get into the soil and will let the trees' roots develop at a faster rate.

  3. Plant the tree 1-2 inches higher than the top of the soil.

  4. Shovel remaining soil firmly in the hole and water in with a garden hose to eliminate any possible air pockets.

  5. Once water has soaked, remove any grass within three feet, and spread mulch in this three foot circle around the tree. The mulch will keep the weeds down, help retain moisture and will reduce lawnmower damage. Pour the wood chips in the circle, but keep them off of the tree trunk.

  6. For the first year water the tree generously every 7 to 10 days.

  7. After your tree is established, a very light application of a general purpose fertilizer will aid in the growth of your tree. Read the recommended rate and do not over fertilize your tree.

  8. Remember to be patient! These are legacy trees which may outlive your grandchildren. Some might grow only 8 to 10 inches each year, but will can provide centuries of enjoyment!

  9. During the first five years of planting a light application of a general slow release fertilizer will aid your tree in reaching maximum growth during the first five years. Please follow the attached directions or seek the advice of a professional arborist.

  10. Planting schedule:

Northern Climates – spring to mid summer.

Southern Climates – year round planting is possible, just make sure you are living in a zone where there are not damaging winter temperatures.

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