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How to Unpack Your Gift Tree

If you are looking to learn how to unpack your new gift tree, you're in the right place. Perhaps yesterday one of our cardboard tree boxes arrived on your doorstep or a kindhearted person in your life delivered your tree right to you. Either way, you’re most likely sitting with your burlap-sack wrapped and ribbon-tied tree wondering what to do next.

We know how important this gift is to you, so we want to make sure you have all the info you need for it to thrive from the start. Even though our plants and trees are provided with the very best care from the time they're seedlings and are primed for success, plants are sensitive to their environments. Luckily, with the right amount of sunshine, water, and care, taking care of your tree will be a breeze.

Steps to Unpack Your Gift Tree

1. First, you'll want to cut off the ribbon (or untie it and save it for later!)

2. Next, take your tree out of the burlap bag and plastic. There is a zip tie in the back so all you'll need is a pair of scissors to get it off. Some dirt might fall out so you might want to do this over the sink or in your backyard.

Now your tree is completely unpacked!

Steps to Care for Your Gift Tree

As you know, your tree has spent a few days traveling to your home from our farm so it's going to be thirsty.

1. The first thing we suggest doing once unwrapping your tree is give it some water. When you water it, keep doing so until it drips out of the bottom. Once it has dripped out of the bottom, let it sit for a little while to get the extra water out.

2. From there you can plant your tree in a new pot or into the ground.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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