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Avocado Memorial Tree

Avocado Memorial Tree
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  • Avocado Memorial Tree

  • $103

  • Tree Size:
    Approx. 36” - 40” Tall

    Avocados trees are the gifts that keep on giving! This cold hardy avocado tree withstands frigid temperatures as low as 20 degrees and can be grown in a container friendly space as well as outdoors. Fruit production can occur as early as the first-year. The rich creamy texture of your homemade guacamole is like none other. We've selected the healthiest varieties to ensure your success in growing your very own avocado tree. Our attention to detail includes, a hand tied ribbon, gift message card and natural burlap wrapped container which creates a beautiful living memorial gift.

    Care instructions and a personalized gift card are included with each gift tree. (NO Shipping to the following states: CA, AK, HI, PR)


    Arrival Starting:

    Upon purchasing this gift tree, a beautiful hand written pre-order notification card will be mailed to the recipient immediately. This announcement will notify them of the gift tree scheduled to start arriving by . The warm spring temperatures provide a wonderful planting environment that will allow this tree to thrive.

    Another hand written gift card with your personal message will accompany the gift tree during the designated spring shipment date.

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    A thoughtful gift card is included with each purchase. Write your personalized message below. Please include your name if you'd like recipient to know who your gift is from.
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    Same Day Engraving. This unique engraved tag provides a memorial keepsake with your gift tree or plant and helps identify the meaning behind your gift. Tag is 2" x 3.5" and comes affixed to a 17" stake. Please write your personal message in the space below. If you order prior to 12:00 pm it will accompany your gift tree order today!
    In Memory Engraved Tree Tag
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Please Note: As with all things natural, working with Mother Nature means we can't guarantee our plants and trees will be blooming during the time of shipment. Depending on the time of year and the varying temperatures around our country, the blooms may have already occurred or may be yet to come.
Cannot Ship to
Mature Height
15-20 ft
Mature Width
5-8 ft
Avocados are pear-like shape and are large in size
Harvest Time
February- September
Plant Type
Broadleaf evergreen fruit tree
Year to Bear
Can Fruit the 1st Year!
This Avocado tree has dome shaped with oval or elliptical leaves that are dark green in color with pointed tips. The flowers of the plant are, yellow green in color, collected in small clusters (has both male and female parts). The avocado fruit may be round, pear shaped, or oblong, and the skin of the fruit may vary in texture and color. It will produce fruit as early as the 1st year! Each gift tree is beautifully packaged in a 100% natural jute bag with an accompanying hand-tied ribbon.

Care Information

General Care

Watering: Water 1-2 times a week Sun: At least 6 hours of full sun. Pruning: There is no need to prune unless removing dead limbs. You can prune it lightly to maintain appearance.

Planting Guidelines

When planting your avocado tree outdoors, leave about 10 feet of space between other trees or buildings. The best months for planting are March- June. Dig a hole 2-3 times wider than the size of the container it’s in and slightly deeper.

Winter Care

During winter months, apply wood chips or mulch to base to help protect the roots. Water once a week. You can use a covering during freezing nights. During cooler months, indoor Avocados will do best if misted daily, especially when you are running heat.

Potting & Container

When growing an avocado in a container make sure to use well-drained soil. Container grown avocados can reach a height between 5-7 feet. Water at least once a week and fertilize in the spring, summer, fall and winter, after the tree has been planted for one year. If you keep your avocado tree indoors, place it by a large, sunny window and spritz daily.

5/5 Stars out of 4 Reviews
In memory of...
(Iowa) • March 28th, 2023
Verified Customer
Beautiful tree! Arrived to it's destination in great condition. Only negative that was quickly turned into a positive was a leaf had been nibbled on by an...insect? The recipients of this tree didn't mind at all because the nibble spot was in the shape of a heart! They took it as a special "sign" from their loved one who had recently passed. Wish I could attach the photos they sent me. Will definitely do business with this company again! Thank you!
Hello Linda,
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We love to hear how our gift trees are able to bring comfort to others. The fact that your recipients were able to receive a "Sign" makes our hearts happy.
Again, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, and we look forward to serving you again in the future.
Beautiful tree
(Mission) • March 11th, 2023
The tree looks beautiful! Thank you.
Hello Sophia,
We are so very delighted that you found us, and we are honored to have earned your business. We appreciate you.
We are happy to hear that we were able to meet your expectations with this very special gift. We hope the recipients will be filled with hope and love as they enjoy this beautiful tree for generations to come. May it bring peace and comfort.
We hope that we can serve you again in the future.
Beautiful gift
(Austin Tx) • February 8th, 2023
Verified Customer
I gifted this to a close friend who lost her momma. It wa Ms the perfect way to memorialize her and the best part is that it can be both indoor and outdoor. She was able to pot it inside since it’s winter (and our freeze would have done it in) and she can plant outside once it matures. She said it was gorgeous (I have not yet seen it in person) and was delivered/board so nice! Highly recommend!
Dear Melissa-
We are delighted to hear that our commitment to excellence has proven to meet your expectations. We appreciate your business.
We send our continued thoughts and prayers to your friend in this difficult time of loss and grief. There will be painful moments in life that will change your world . Let them make you stronger, smarter and kinder. We hope this Olive tree symbolizes all of these and a reminder of her beautiful and amazing mother and their memories.
Kindest Regards,
Excellent experience!
June 6th, 2022
Verified Customer
A few friends and I were looking for a special gift for another friend that lost her husband. Something she could cherish and remember him by for years and years to come. In addition, we live in Northern Minnesota, and she lives in Punta Gorda, FL. This was the most perfect gift. I will remember this the next time such a special gift is needed. I highly recommend! In addition, it wasn’t going to be delivered until Wednesday, but was delivered the Saturday before.
Dear Gwen -
Thank you for the kind words. We are very honored to have left you with a lasting impression to serve you again. We are honored and appreciate your business.
To your friend, we are thinking of you and praying you find moments of peace and comfort in the midst of your grief. Hold on to the memories, because every moment was a gift. Grief is a journey everyone travels at their own pace.
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