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5 Thoughtful Things to Do for Someone Going Through a Loss

We often find solace during times of loss in the gentle embrace of nature, the tranquil rustling of leaves and the comforting presence of trees. Loss is an unfortunate piece of everyone’s life but that doesn’t make it any easier to work through. We’ve learned a few things about comforting those who have lost a loved one through our own experience and as a company who works with those going through loss. Today, we thought we would share five thoughtful ways to offer comfort and solace to someone navigating the delicate path of loss.

1. Shower Your Loved One With Care:

In times of loss, love can be very healing and offer a message of hope and support. You can show your love to your loved one by reaching out with a heartfelt letter, a simple phone call, or a comforting visit. If you know your loved one’s love language, it can be helpful to support them in the way they receive love best. Sometimes, the most meaningful gestures are those that convey our presence and willingness to listen.

2. Share Nourishing Meals:

Food has a unique power to provide comfort and nourishment during times of grief. If you can, prepare or share a meal with someone who is grieving, which can help nourish their body and their soul. It's a gesture that transcends words and provides a sense of warmth and community. Just be sure you confirm any dietary needs.

3. Plant a Living Memorial or Create a Memory Garden:

The act of planting a tree or transforming a corner of one's outdoor space into a memory garden can be a timeless gesture. These living memorials offer a connection to a loved one who has passed. Choose a tree type with special meaning—a graceful magnolia tree for enduring love or a sturdy oak tree for strength—and plant it in a place of significance. The act of nurturing a living thing in their memory can provide a ton of comfort.

4. Be There to Listen:

Loss can bring a whirlwind of emotions, and sometimes, all someone needs is a compassionate listener. Offer your time to sit, chat, or simply be present with the grieving person. Let them share memories, tears, and laughter—whatever they feel in that moment. Your empathetic presence can offer lots of comfort.

5. Create a Supportive Network:

Grief can be isolating, so consider rallying a network of friends and family to offer support. This group can help coordinate meal deliveries, provide assistance with daily tasks, or organize regular check-ins. When your loved one knows that they have a circle of care around them, they will know that they aren’t going through their grief completely alone.

If life is one beautiful handmade quilt, loss is a thread that tugs on our heart. It is through compassion, understanding, and thoughtful gestures that we can help mend the frayed edges of your loved one’s grief. Just as trees reach towards the heavens, we hope your gestures of love and support offer your loved ones exactly what they need right now.

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