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I loved the trees so much

Thank you for reaching out to me. In my review I referenced my friends mother liking gardenias, but it was the magnolia tree that we sent her! See it below.

I also sent two gardenia trees to my sister (see her planting it below), who’s mother-in-law passed away. I also sent the same tree to her brother-in-law, as he was my pastor.

I loved the trees so much that I plan to send another one in the next week (once I get details) to another dear friend who’s father passed away on Tuesday.

I just love the quality and the promptness of the deliveries. They are beautiful, Julie! Additionally, my sister said that my brother-in-law keeps the cross on their island in the kitchen. I will have to contact my girlfriend and ask her to send me a picture when she plants the magnolia.

Thank you so much for providing quality service and grace during these times. Given that many small businesses are challenged during these times, I would prefer that you save the gift certificate for a family that may not have the means to send such a nice gift. I am truly blessed and would want to give that to someone else. You are soooo thoughtful!!!

Have a great, day and keep spreading joy!!!

Gardenia plant sitting on box

Lady planting gift tree

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