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The Seeds of Life Story

Like each of our trees, our story begins with a seed–and more specifically a hickory nut. When our kids were growing up, I loved seeing them learn things for the first time. Whether watching them excitedly take their first steps or try their hand at solid foods, it was so rewarding watching them grow and evolve.

So one day, when my kids were in elementary school, I took them on a walk to the park. I always looked for ways in which to connect them to nature and get them outside. We always enjoyed spending time together so as we walked along the path to the park one of them found a hickory nut on the ground and scooped it up. I saw it as another opportunity to grow and evolve. I placed it on the kitchen counter overlooking our cozy sunroom and thought it would just be fun to bring this little miracle of nature indoors.

As the days went on, the little hickory seed began to swell and split. With the right amount of water, sunshine, and care, a fresh seedling popped out of its old home. As the seed’s shell fell to the wayside, the seedling continued to grow every day. Between questions like, "Dad, what’s for dinner?" and "Mom, have you seen my backpack anywhere?" were exclamations like, "Where are we going to plant it!?” and “Look how fast it’s growing."

Almost 15 years later and that little tree is taller than all of us. It was during those 15 years that Seeds of Life was born. A few months after finding that hickory seed, my husband Matt and I started thinking about the beauty of nature and its power to help create memories and remember memorable moments. In just the first few months with our hickory tree, we had already created so many memories and now it stands as a testament to all of those years we had together as a family.

Since my family had owned a farm for generations, it seemed like the natural step to grow trees and seedlings and to sprout trees of our own to offer to others. We already had an experienced staff of growers and a tight-knit team in the office after starting our sister company, The Magnolia Company, so we knew we had what it took to bring our gift tree company to life.

We’ve grown a lot over the last 20 years and we’ve seen the magic that a living gift can provide to people in life’s most beautiful–and most difficult moments. Our memorial trees have helped hundreds of people commemorate and honor those who they held close to them. Each tree is a daily reminder of a life that continues to be lived through memories and ongoing love.

Our gift trees have also been given to celebrate new life, new homes, new relationships, and new years. We could not feel more blessed to help people around the United States celebrate life’s most important moments and people. And because of this we work as hard as we can to make sure our trees and our business is as strong as they can be.

We help foster strong roots in the garden by pruning the roots or physically pulling on the roots to encourage healthy root growth so that they’re ready to grow as strong as they can be. We help create strong roots and connections in our team by treating each other like a family and always working to be better together.

And to you, reader, thank you! We wouldn’t be here without you and we feel humbled that we have been able to share our story and our living gifts with so many people. If you ever have more questions about our story or Seeds of Life, you can head over to here to learn more about us or contact us at [email protected].

With Love,


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