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15 Best Pet Memorial Gifts

Losing a pet can be one of life’s most difficult experiences. As a member of the family, a loyal companion, and loving friend, pets play a big role in the lives of their owners. So it makes sense why it can be tricky to find the best pet memorial gift after a loved one loses someone so special.

We’ve lost pets over the years and we can’t explain the gratitude we experienced when our family and friends were there for us. Whether it was a sweet text message, a little card, or a heartfelt gift, we felt touched by every act of kindness. And since gift giving is our love language, we decided to put together a list of the 15 best pet memorial gifts we could find online.

Hand Sketching Dog Portrait

Custom Painting

Every pet owner has photos they love of their pets, but it’s less likely they have a professionally made painting of their pet. Finding an artist to make a personalized painting or drawing of your loved one’s pet is a beautiful way to remember them forever.

Personalized Pet Necklace

Personalized Jewelry

Nothing will keep a pet close to the heart quite like some personalized pet memorial jewelry. Whether physically above the heart as a necklace or constantly in sight as a bracelet, a personalized piece of jewelry will always be appreciated. You can either get jewelry with the pet’s name, initial or even a picture. Some jewelry makers even offer adorable pieces of jewelry with little rainbows to symbolize rainbow bridge.

Photo of Pet Cat in Frame

Photo Keepsake

A photo is a great way to honor the memory of a pet, but a photo keepsake can be even more special. Whether you create a photo keepsake out of a box, a puzzle, or a plaque, it can be used as a way to remember the happy times and it can also be used as a way to share the memories with others.

Pet Sympathy Gardenia Gift Tree

Pet Memorial Tree

Have you ever considered a gift tree to memorialize the life of a pet? Since a tree will continue to grow and evolve as your loved one’s grief does, it will always be there to remind them of the good times they shared with their furry friend. If your loved one chooses to bury their pet in their backyard, a gift tree can also make a beautiful and natural replacement for a gravestone.

Personalized Pet Urn

Pet Urn

Picking out an urn for your pet can be a very personal experience. No one knows a pet quite like its owner and they’ll likely know what urn would fit their pet best. That being said, the choice can still be a difficult one for a pet owner and gifting them a personalized urn might take a weight off their shoulders. Just make sure to double check with them beforehand to make sure they don’t already have an urn for their pet.

Pet Memorial Plaque in Garden

Memorial Plaque

A memorial plaque can make a heartwarming pet memorial gift. Whether with a picture of the pet or just their name, it can make a wonderful daily reminder of a pet. It can also serve as a place to remember a pet whether placed in the garden or in the corner of  your home.

Wooden Pet Memory Box

Memory Box

Over the years a pet can collect items that are precious to them. From their favorite toy to their bed to their collar, it can be difficult to let go of the things a pet leaves behind when they leave our world. A memory box, especially a personalized one, can be a very touching pet memorial gift. Not only can it feature the pet, but can be the perfect place to home all of their favorite things.

Custom Dog Sculpture

Pet Statue

Another way to remember a pet forever is with a custom pet statue. Beautiful in a garden or on a bookshelf, a pet statue is a work of art that can perfectly capture the spirit of any pet. Because each pet is unique and truly a member of the family, creating a 3D version of a pet can be a great way to make them feel like they’re with you forever.

Pet Memorial Wind Chimes Hanging on Tree

Memorial Wind Chimes

Often it can feel like the wind holds a certain power. Just the right gust of wind whether on our favorite beach or up in the mountain tops can remind us of a special memory, person or even pet. It’s common for pet owners to spend a lot of outdoor time with their pets. Memorial wind chimes can be a very heartwarming and constant reminder of them every time the wind blows outside.


Pet Picture Frame Memorial

Framed Photo

A framed photo is a simple yet touching gift for a pet owner after they’ve lost their pet. After spending years with their pet every day, it can be nice to have a daily reminder of them through a framed photo. Make the gift extra special by gifting a personalized frame alongside the photo.

Pet Replica Statue

Animal replica

Similar to a stone statue of a pet, an animal replica can be a unique way to memorialize a pet. Made from felt, clay, or yarn this custom gift is an adorable way to help your loved one remember their pet forever. This unique pet memorial gift is one of our favorites since they’re handmade and is sure to be loved by any gift recipient.

Pet Memorial Garden Stone

Garden stone

Almost every pet has their favorite spot out in the backyard. Whether it be the spot in the grass where the afternoon sun hit just right or under a shady tree, a garden stone can be the perfect reminder of a pet and all of the good times spent with them.

Pet Collar Frame Memorial

Collar Frame

For a pet, a collar can be one of their most precious belongings. Keeping them attached to their owner on a walk, helping them from getting lost if they ever get out, and adding a little bit of personality, a collar plays an important part in a pet’s life. After a pet passes it can be hard to know what to do with such a special piece of their life. A collar frame is an aesthetically pleasing, yet touching memorial gift for anyone who has lost a pet.

Personalized Pet Keychain

Key chain

If your loved one had a pet that followed them everywhere, a keychain can be a way to bring the pet’s memory with them everywhere you go. For an extra special gift, consider a hand-painted or handmade keychain.

Pet Shelter Donation

If you’re not sure if your loved one would enjoy a physical gift, a donation to a nearby pet shelter could be much appreciated. Call up your local shelter and see if it’s possible to get a donation certificate. Make this gift even more special by seeing if you can get the donation in the pet’s name or if you can donate money for a specific project at the shelter you might be able to get a plaque dedicated to the pet within the shelter.

Overall, picking a pet memorial gift can be difficult, but gifting one can be much appreciated. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us!

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